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Location change for BSDB Node meet-up

Posted by , on 28 April 2011

We’ve had to find a new location for Thursday’s (today’s) Node meetup at the BSDB meeting.

Find us Thursday April 28 at 8PM in the Gulbenkian Cinema Cafe/Bar.

This is the cafe with the big windows that you pass when you follow the footpath from Eliot Dining Hall to the Woolf College building. This happens to be *exactly* where you will be walking around that time when you go from dinner to poster viewing, so you might as well pop in!

Addendum: We have just found out that there will be a theatre production at Gulbenkian which has intermission from 8:15 to 8:35. This means that there will also be about 200 theatre-goers in the bar at that time. We have the Node banner with us, so you will be able to spot us. However, if it gets too noisy, we might move to the Woolf building earlier, and use one of their upstairs seminar rooms. But just look for the banner: if it’s not in the cinema bar, we’re in the Woolf building.

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