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Made the Same Way: A new podcast about what makes us human

Posted by , on 21 April 2023

Everyone is different, but we all start as a fertilised egg – we’re made the same way.

Scientists in the Wellcome-funded Human Developmental Biology Initiative are trying to understand more about how the human body is formed from fertilisation to birth. Eventually, this understanding will enable better treatments for many conditions such as heart defects, spina bifida, childhood cancers and infertility. However, human developmental biology is a difficult type of research to talk about – it involves working with human embryos and fetal tissues and the health implications aren’t exactly known yet. 

In our new podcast, ‘Made the Same Way’, young artists collaborate with scientists, embracing challenging conversations about this research. In each episode, an artist creates an original song or poem which echos their feelings and stimulates curiosity about research in human developmental biology. We produced the podcast in collaboration with Reform Radio.

In the first episode, scientist Emma Rawlins meets singer-songwriter Karis Jade to discuss the science of human development. They chat about the basics; what is human developmental biology? Why is it worth studying? And what will it be used for in the future? Throughout the episode, the pair will write and record an original piece of music inspired by their meeting, exploring science in a brand new way.

You can watch a short documentary about the making of the our first episode here.

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