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4 thoughts on “Meeting report from the 2nd joint meeting of the SFBD AND JSDB 2010 – “From Cells to Organs””

  1. Thanks for updating us! It sounds like the meeting covered a lot of ground in such a short time!
    The hindlimb/forelimb differences in digit formation discussion sounds fascinating, especially the restricted time window. How early in development was that?

  2. I’m glad the material went up in the timely manner it was programmed to do.

    If my notes are correct, “early” limbs with some flexibility in identity specification were at HH22, whereas “late” ones were at HH25-26.

    Stages available here.

  3. I was just thinking, probably it’s straightforward to track down the authors themselves what with the links to their posters, and Koji in particular would probably be very pleased to discuss things with anyone who said, hey, I read about your work on this meeting report, what about this/that aspect? It’s the expected and hoped-for fallout from going to a conference, after all.

  4. True! We’re still fixing some little things on the site the next few days (notice how it takes forever to load? That’s one of them…) but once we’re officially up and running I’d encourage anyone to invite others to join in Node discussions. (Especially if it’s their work that’s being discussed – that would be extremely valuable!)

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