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Meeting reporter wanted for Germline Stem Cells Conference in San Fran!

Posted by , on 26 January 2016



Germline Stem Cells Conference

June 19-21, 2016 – San Francisco, California


Germline stem cells represent a uniquely critical type of stem cell that is essential for fertility and propagation of the species. The topic of germline stem cells has become an active area of study both in mammalian systems and in non-mammalian model systems including flies, worms and fish.

Free registration for grabs! Abcam and the Node are looking for an official meeting reporter to attend this meeting. The Reporter will be responsible for providing regular updates of interesting talks/discussions for twitter/tweets (by Abcam), plus a meeting report of their experience and the sights and sounds of the meeting (for publishing on The Node and Abcam website).

To apply to be the meeting reporter, please send a short paragraph (max. 200 words) to, letting us know why you are the best scientist for the job! Application deadline: April 15, 2016. The winner will receive free registration to the meeting (travel and accommodation not included).
Meeting information:

Organizers: John McCarrey (University of Texas at San Antonio) and Jon Oatley (Washing State University)

Keynote Speakers: D.G. (Dirk) de Rooij (Utrecht University) Azim Surani (The Gurdon Institute)

Confirmed speakers: Norman Arnheim, Brad Cairns, Amander Clark, Margaret Fuller, Christopher Geyer, Brian Hermann, Patricia Hunt, Diana Laird, Erika Matunis, John McCarrey, Jon Oatley, Susan Strome, Miles Wilkinson, and Kyle Orwig.


Call for abstracts: Abstracts are invited for short talks or poster presentations and can be submitted during registration. Those selected will be notified after the April 18 deadline.


Check out the article written by last years official meeting reporter winner here!



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