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November in preprints

Posted by , on 8 December 2023

Welcome to our monthly trawl for developmental and stem cell biology (and related) preprints.

The preprints this month are hosted on bioRxiv – use these links below to get to the section you want:

Developmental biology

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Developmental biology

| Patterning & signalling

Zn2+ is Essential for Ca2+ Oscillations in Mouse Eggs

 Hiroki Akizawa, Emily M Lopes,  Rafael A Fissore

dact1/2 modifies noncanonical Wnt signaling and calpain 8 expression to regulate convergent extension and craniofacial development

Shannon H Carroll, Sogand Schafer, Kenta Kawasaki, Casey Tsimbal, Amelie M Jule,  Shawn A Hallett, Edward Li, Eric C Liao

Tgfbr1 regulates lateral plate mesoderm and endoderm reorganization during the trunk to tail transition

 Anastasiia Lozovska, Ana Nóvoa, Ying-Yi Kuo,  Arnon D. Jurberg, Gabriel G. Martins,  Anna-Katerina Hadjantonakis,  Moises Mallo

BMP signalling facilitates transit amplification in the developing chick and human cerebellum

V Rook,  P Haldipur,  K Millen,  RJ Wingate,  T Butts

Netrin1 patterns the dorsal spinal cord through modulation of Bmp signaling

Sandy Alvarez, Sandeep Gupta, Kaitlyn Honeychurch, Yesica Mercado-Ayon, Riki Kawaguchi,  Samantha J. Butler

On the independent irritability of goldfish eggs and embryos – a living communication on the rhythmic yolk contractions in goldfish

 Paul Gerald Layague Sanchez,  Chen-Yi Wang,  Ing-Jia Li,  Kinya G. Ota

Vangl2 deficient zebrafish exhibit hallmarks of neural tube closure defects

Jacalyn MacGowan, Mara Cardenas,  Margot Kossmann Williams

From MacGowan et al. This image is made available under a CC-BY 4.0 International license.

The scramblases VMP1 and TMEM41b are required for primitive endoderm specification by targeting WNT signaling

Markus Holzner, Tea Sonicki, Hugo Hunn,  Vamshidhar R. Gade,  Karsten Weis,  Anton Wutz,  Giulio Di Minin

Progenitors influence patterning of the sensory epithelium.

 Caryl Ann Young, Emily Burt,  Vidhya Munnamalai

Midkine and Ptprz1b act upstream of Wnt planar cell polarity to establish a midline in the developing zebrafish hindbrainv

 Yao Le, Kavitha Rajasekhar, Tricia Y.J. Loo,  Timothy E. Saunders,  Thorsten Wohland,  Christoph Winkler

Self-organised pattern formation in the developing neural tube by a temporal relay of BMP signalling

 S Lehr,  D B Brückner,  M Greunz-Schindler,  T Minchington,  J Merrin,  E Hannezo,  A Kicheva

The scramblases VMP1 and TMEM41b are required for primitive endoderm specification by targeting WNT signaling

 Markus Holzner, Tea Sonicki, Hugo Hunn,  Vamshidhar R. Gade,  Karsten Weis,  Anton Wutz,  Giulio Di Minin

Forming nephrons promote nephron progenitor maintenance and branching morphogenesis via paracrine BMP4 signalling under the control of Wnt4

Julie L.M. Moreau, Sarah Williams, Jihane Homman-Ludiye, Andrew J. Mallett, Alexander N. Combes

Planar cell polarity is essential for the architectural patterning of the mammalian biliary tree

Michaela Raab, Ersi Christodoulou, Roopesh Krishnankutty, Nicholas T Younger, Konstantinos Gournopanos, Alexander von Kriegsheim, Scott H Waddell,  Luke Boulter

Distinct expression patterns of Hedgehog signaling components In mouse gustatory system during postnatal tongue development and adult homeostasis

 Archana Kumari, Nicole E. Franks, Libo Li, Gabrielle Audu, Sarah Liskowicz, John D. Johnson, Charlotte M. Mistretta,  Benjamin L. Allen

From Kumari et al. This image is made available under a CC-BY 4.0 International license.

An EPHB4-RASA1 signaling complex inhibits shear stress-induced Ras-MAPK activation in lymphatic endothelial cells to promote the development of lymphatic vessel valves

Di Chen, David Wiggins,  Eva M. Sevick, Michael J. Davis, Philip D. King

Meteorins regulate the formation of the left-right organizer and the establishment of vertebrate body asymmetry

 Fanny Eggeler,  Jonathan Boulanger-Weill,  Flavia De Santis, Laura Belleri,  Karine Duroure,  Thomas O. Auer,  Shahad Albadri,  Filippo Del Bene

Formation of recurring transient Ca2+-based intercellular communities during Drosophila hematopoiesis

Saar Ben David,  Kevin Y.L. Ho,  Guy Tanentzapf,  Assaf Zaritsky

Neural crest mural cells of forebrain meninges harbor innate immune functions during early brain development and exhibit different responses to septic and toxic insults

Diego Amarante-Silva, Emmanuel Bruet, Rémy Gars, Margaux Piechon, Tatiana Gorojankina, Jérôme Bignon,  Sophie E. Creuzet

| Morphogenesis & mechanics

Lymphatic vessel development in human embryos

Shoichiro Yamaguchi, Natsuki Minamide, Hiroshi Imai, Tomoaki Ikeda, Masatoshi Watanabe, Kyoko Imanaka-Yoshida, Kazuaki Maruyama

From Yamaguchi et al. This image is made available under a CC-BY 4.0 International license.

Alternating polarity integrates chemical and mechanical cues to drive tissue morphogenesis

 Miriam Osterfield

The changing morphology of the ventricular walls of mouse and human with increasing gestation

 Bjarke Jensen, Yun Hee Chang, Simon D. Bamforth, Timothy Mohun, David Sedmera, Martin Bartos, Robert H. Anderson

Robust spatiotemporal organization of mitotic events in mechanically perturbed C. elegans embryos

Vincent Borne, Matthias Weiss

Murine uterine gland branching is necessary for gland function in implantation

Katrina Granger, Sarah Fitch, May Shen, Jarrett Lloyd, Aishwarya Bhurke, Jonathan Hancock, Xiaoqin Ye, Ripla Arora

The LINC complex regulates Achilles tendon elastic modulus, Achilles and tail tendon collagen crimp, and Achilles and tail tendon lateral expansion during early postnatal development.

Nicholas M Pancheri, Jordan T Daw, Destinee Ditton,  Nathan R Schiele,  Scott Birks, Gunes Uzer, Calvin L Jones, Brian T Penney,  Sophia K Theodossiou

Maternal sterol 27-hydroxylase is crucial for securing fetal development

Mitsuyoshi Suzuki, Satoshi Nakano, Natsumi Miharada, Hajime Takei, Pavan Prabhala, Mark van der Garde, Catharina Müller, Valgardur Sigurdsson, Maolake Aerken, Kiyoka Saito, Shuhei Koide, Gunilla Westergren-Thorsson, Mattias Magnusson, Genta Kakiyama, Hiroshi Nittono, Kenichi Miharada

An extra-genital cell population contributes to urethra closure during mouse penis development

 Ciro Maurizio Amato, Xin Xu,  Humphrey Hung-Chang Yao

Planar polarized force propagation integrates cell behavior with tissue shaping during convergent extension

Shinuo Weng, John B. Wallingford

Bone elongation in the embryo occurs without column formation in the growth plate

Sarah Rubin, Ankit Agrawal, Anne Seewald, Paul Villoutreix, Adrian Baule, Elazar Zelzer

Nephron progenitors rhythmically alternate between renewal and differentiation in synchrony with kidney branching morphogenesis

Sachin N. Davis, Samuel H. Grindel, John M. Viola, Grace Y. Liu, Jiageng Liu, Grace Qian, Catherine M. Porter,  Alex J. Hughes

Disrupted endosomal trafficking of the Vangl-Celsr polarity complex underlies congenital anomalies in trachea-esophageal morphogenesis

 Nicole A. Edwards, Adhish Kashyap, Alissa Warren, Zachary N. Agricola, Alan P. Kenny, Yufeng Shen,  Wendy K. Chung,  Aaron M. Zorn

Feedback control of organ size precision is mediated by BMP2-regulated apoptosis in the Drosophila eye

Tomas Navarro, Antonella Iannini, Marta Neto, Alejandro Campoy-Lopez,  Javier Munoz-Garcia,  Paulo S Pereira,  Saul Ares,  Fernando Casares

Pial collaterals develop through mosaic colonization of capillaries by arterial and microvascular endothelial cells

 Tijana Perovic,  Irene Hollfinger,  Stefanie Mayer,  Janet Lips,  Monika Dopatka,  Christoph Harms,  Holger Gerhardt

Col4a2-eGFP mouse model reveals the molecular and functional dynamics of basement membrane remodelling in hair follicle morphogenesis

 Duligengaowa Wuergezhen, Eleonore Gindroz,  Ritsuko Morita, Kei Hashimoto,  Takaya Abe,  Hiroshi Kiyonari,  Hironobu Fujiwara

From Wuergezhen et al. This image is made available under a CC-BY 4.0 International license.

| Genes & genomes

Maternal H3.3-Mediated Paternal Genome Reprogramming Contributes to Minor Zygotic Genome Activation

Jiaming Zhang, Xuanwen Li, Hongdi Cui, Songling Xiao, Entong Song, Ming Zong, Shukuan Ling, Zev Rosenwaks,  Shaorong Gao, Xiaoyu Liu, Qingran Kong,  Duancheng Wen

Differences in binding preferences for XIST partners are observed in mammals with different early pregnancy morphologies

 Ioannis Tsagakis, Haidee Tinning,  Irene Malo-Estepa,  Adrian Whitehouse,  Mary J O’Connell,  Niamh Forde,  Julie Aspden

Functional genomics in chicken embryos reveal the pathogenicity of two missense FZD2 variants associated with dominant Robinow syndrome

Shruti S. Tophkhane, Katherine Fu,  Joy Richman

Single cell RNA-seq reveals protracted germ line X chromosome reactivation dynamics directed by a PRC2 dependent mechanism

Yaqiong Liu, Xianzhong Lau, Prabhakaran Munusamy, Carlos Abascal Sherwell Sanchez, Daniel Snell,  Mahesh Sangrithi

Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 is critical for mouse cortical glutamatergic neuron development

 Laura Currey, Benjamin Mitchell, Majd Al-Kahlily, Sarah-Jayne McElnea, Danyon Harkins, Alexandra Pelenyi, Nyoman D. Kurniawan,  Thomas H. Burne, Lachlan Harris,  Stefan Thor,  Michael Piper

Heterozygous missense variant in GLI2 impairs human endocrine pancreas development

Laura M. Mueller, Abigail Isaacson, Heather Wilson, Anna Salowka, Maolian Gong, Klemens Raile,  Francesca M. Spagnoli

A gene desert required for regulatory control of pleiotropic Shox2 expression and embryonic survival

 Samuel Abassah-Oppong,  Brandon J. Mannion,  Matteo Zoia,  Raquel Rouco,  Virginie Tissieres,  Cailyn H. Spurrell,  Virginia Roland,  Fabrice Darbellay,  Anja Ljubojevic, Julie Gamart,  Tabitha A. Festa-Daroux,  Carly S. Sullivan,  Eddie Rodríguez-Carballo, Yoko Fukuda-Yuzawa,  Riana Hunter, Catherine S. Novak, Ingrid Plajzer-Frick,  Stella Tran, Jennifer A. Akiyama,  Diane E. Dickel,  Javier Lopez-Rios,  Iros Barozzi,  Guillaume Andrey,  Axel Visel,  Len A. Pennacchio,  John Cobb,  Marco Osterwalder

OVO Positively Regulates Essential Maternal Pathways by Binding Near the Transcriptional Start Sites in the Drosophila Female Germline

 Leif Benner, Savannah Muron, Jillian G. Gomez,  Brian Oliver

Activation of the Maternal Genome Through Asymmetric Distribution of Oocyte-Genome-Associated Histone H3.3

 Duancheng Wen, Zev Rosenwaks

Genome-wide DNA methylation changes in human spermatogenesis

 Lara M. Siebert-Kuss, Verena Dietrich,  Sara Di Persio,  Jahnavi Bhaskaran,  Martin Stehling,  Jann-Frederik Cremers,  Sarah Sandmann,  Julian Varghese,  Sabine Kliesch,  Stefan Schlatt,  Juan M. Vaquerizas,  Nina Neuhaus,  Sandra Laurentino

MAB-5/Hox regulates the Q neuroblast transcriptome, including cwn-1/Wnt, to mediate posterior migration in Caenorhabditis elegans

Vitoria K. Paolillo, Matthew E. Ochs,  Erik A. Lundquist

Molecular identification of a peroxidase gene controlling body size in the entomopathogenic nematode Steinernema hermaphroditum

 Hillel T. Schwartz,  Chieh-Hsiang Tan,  Jackeline Peraza, Krystal Louise T. Raymundo,  Paul W. Sternberg

A Proximal Sox2 Enhancer Cluster is Required for the Anterior Regional Identity of Neural Progenitors

 Ian C Tobias,  Sakthi D Moorthy,  Virlana M Shchuka,  Lida Langroudi,  Zoe E Gillespie,  Andrew G Duncan, Ruxiao Tian,  Mariia Cherednychenko,  Natalia A Gajewska, Raphaël B Di Roberto,  Jennifer A Mitchell

Genome organization regulates nuclear pore complex formation and promotes differentiation during Drosophila oogenesis

Noor M. Kotb, Gulay Ulukaya, Ankita Chavan, Son C. Nguyen, Lydia Proskauer, Eric Joyce, Dan Hasson, Madhav Jagannathan, Prashanth Rangan

Neuronal exosomes transport a miRNA/RISC cargo to preserve germline stem cell integrity during energy stress

Christopher Wong, Elena M. Jurczak,  Richard Roy

Snowball: a novel gene family required for developmental patterning in fruiting bodies of mushroom-forming fungi (Agaricomycetes)

Csenge Földi, Zsolt Merényi, Bálint Balázs, Árpád Csernetics, Nikolett Miklovics, Hongli Wu, Botond Hegedüs, Máté Virágh, Zhihao Hou, Xiao-Bin Liu,  László Galgóczy,  László G. Nagy

Functional genomics in chicken embryos reveal the pathogenicity of two missense FZD2 variants associated with dominant Robinow syndrome

Shruti S. Tophkhane, Katherine Fu,  Joy M. Richman

The regulatory landscape of 5′ UTRs in translational control during zebrafish embryogenesis

 Madalena M. Reimão-Pinto,  Sebastian M. Castillo-Hair,  Georg Seelig, Alex F. Schier

Sex-based disparities in DNA methylation and gene expression in late-gestation mouse placentas

Lisa-Marie Legault, Melanie Breton-Larrivee, Alexandra Langford-Avelar, Anthony Lemieux,  Serge McGraw

| Stem cells, regeneration & disease modelling

Mesenchymal Stromal Cells regulate human Hematopoietic Stem Cell survival and regeneration via cAMP/PKA pathway

Michael Milyavsky,  SIVA SAI NAGA ANURAG MUDDINENI, Chen Katz-Even, Adi Zipin-Roitman, Eviatar Weizman, Arnon Nagler,  Yael Raz, Katia Beider

Disrupted Cholesterol Biosynthesis and Hair Follicle Stem Cell Impairment in the Onset of Alopecia

Leemon Nikhila,  Suresh Surya, Shahul Hameed Najeeb,  Thankachan Mangalathettu Binumon,  Aayush Gupta,  Sandeep Gopalakrishnan,  Sreejith Parameswara Panicker

Identification of a multipotent lung progenitor for lung regeneration

 Chava Rosen, Elias Shetzen, Irit Milman -Krentsis, Yuan Qi,  Ran Orgad, Xiaohua Su, Raj Yadav, Michal Shemesh,  Adi Biram,  Ziv Shulman,  Smadar Eventov-Friedman,  Mukesh Maharjan, Jing Wang,  Moshe Biton,  Yair Reisner

Pathogenic mechanisms underlying adverse neurodevelopmental outcome in congenital heart disease

George C. Gabriel,  Hisato Yagi, Tuantuan Tan, Abha Bais, Benjamin J. Glennon, Margaret C. Stapleton, Lihua Huang, William T. Reynolds, Marla G. Shaffer,  Xinxiu Xu,  Madhavi Ganapathiraju, Dennis Simon, Ashok Panigrahy, Yijen L. Wu, Cecilia W. Lo

LRRK2 kinase activity is necessary for development and regeneration in Nematostella vectensis

Grace Holmes, Sophie R. Ferguson, Patrick Alfryn Lewis, Karen Echeverri

The L27 Domain of MPP7 enhances TAZ-YY1 Cooperation to Renew Muscle Stem Cells

 Anwen Shao,  Joseph L. Kissil,  Chen-Ming Fan

ERas-Null Mice Generated Directly from Embryonic Stem Cells in a Lipid-rich Medium Enable the Discovery of A Novel Role in Craniofacial Development

Yiren Qin, Qiyu Tian, Hoyoung Chung, Fuqian Geng, Daylon J. James, Jianlong Wang, Duancheng Wen

Discovery of a multipotent cell type from the term human placenta

Sangeetha Vadakke-Madathil, Bingyan J Wang, Micayla Oniskey, Fumiko Dekio, Rachel Brody, Shari Gelber, Rhoda Sperling,  Hina W. Chaudhry

Secretome of Human Umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells exerts protective impacts on the blood-brain barrier against alpha-synuclein aggregates using an in vitro model

Kimia Marzookian, Farhang Aliakbari, Hamdam Hourfar, farzaneh sabouni, Daniel E. Otzen, Dina Morshedi

piRNAs are regulators of metabolic reprogramming in stem cells

Patricia Rojas-Ríos, Aymeric Chartier, Camille Enjolras, Julie Cremaschi, Céline Garret, Adel Boughlita, Anne Ramat, Martine Simonelig

Interneuron migration defects during corticogenesis contribute to Dyrk1a haploinsufficiency syndrome pathogenesis via actomyosin dynamics deregulations

 Maria Victoria Hinckelmann,  Aline Dubos, Victorine Artot,  Gabrielle Rudolf, Thu Lan Nguyen, Peggy Tilly, Valérie Nalesso, Maria del Mar Muniz Moreno,  Marie-Christine Birling,  Juliette D. Godin,  Véronique Brault,  Yann Herault

Glial ferritin maintains neural stem cells via transporting iron required for self-renewal in Drosophila

 Zhixin Ma, Wenshu Wang, Xiaojing Yang,  Menglong Rui,  Su Wang

Human organoid modeling of congenital malformations caused by RFX6 mutations reveal an essential role for this transcription factor in establishing and maintaining duodenal identity upstream of PDX1

J. Guillermo Sanchez, Scott Rankin, Emily Paul, Heather A. McCauley, Daniel O. Kechele,  Jacob R. Enriquez, Nana-Hawa Jones, Siri AW Greeley, Lisa Letourneau-Friedberg, Aaron M. Zorn, Mansa Krishnamurthy,  James M. Wells

Mating-induced ecdysone in the testis disrupts soma-germline contacts and stem cell cytokinesis

 Tiffany V. Roach,  Kari F. Lenhart

PRC1 directs PRC2-H3K27me3 deposition to shield adult spermatogonial stem cells from differentiation

Mengwen Hu, Yu-Han Yeh, So Maezawa, Toshinori Nakagawa, Shosei Yoshida,  Satoshi H. Namekawa

Osteoblast-induced collagen alignment in a 3D in vitro bone model

Judith M. Schaart, Mariska Kea-te Lindert, Rona Roverts,  Nico Sommerdijk,  Anat Akiva

A mouse model of ZTTK syndrome reveals indispensable SON functions in organ development and hematopoiesis

Lana Vukadin, Bohye Park, Mostafa Mohamed, Huashi Li, Amr Elkholy, Alex Torrelli-Diljohn, Jung-Hyun Kim, Kyuho Jeong, James M Murphy, Caitlin A. Harvey, Sophia Dunlap, Leah Gehrs, Hanna Lee, Hyung-Gyoon Kim, Seth N. Lee, Denise Stanford, Robert A. Barrington, Jeremy B. Foote, Anna G. Sorace, Robert S. Welner, Blake E. Hildreth III, Ssang-Taek Steve Lim, Eun-Young Erin Ahn

Modulating Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Microenvironment Alters Exosome RNA Content and Ligament Healing Capacity

Connie S. Chamberlain, Archana Prabahar, John A Kink, Erika Mueller, Yiyao Li, Stephanie Yopp,  Christian M. Capitini, Peiman Hematti, William L. Murphy, Ray Vanderby,  Peng Jiang

Helicobacter pylori cancer associated CagA protein drives intestinal metaplastic transition in human gastric organoids

 Mar Reines, Meike Soerensen, Hilmar Berger, Mihir Patel, Philipp Schlärmann,  Thomas F. Meyer

Functional characterization of RNA profiles in processing bodies of human embryonic stem cells and mesodermal cells

 Jin Jiang,  Qizhe Shao,  Sisi Xie,  Xiaoying Xiao,  Ruisi Guo,  Min Jin,  Di Chen#

Cadherins modulate the self-organizing potential of gastruloids

 Alexandre Mayran,  Dominique Kolly,  Lucille Lopez-Delisle,  Yuliia Romaniuk, Maxine Leonardi,  Anne-Catherine Cossy, Theo Lacroix, Ana Rita Amândio,  Pierre Osteil,  Denis Duboule

From Mayran et al. This image is made available under a CC-BY-NC 4.0 International license.

Embryonic lymphocytes contribute to a genetic form of autoimmune inflammation

Sara Cascione, Elena Fontana,  Rebecca Scarfò, Rosita Rigoni,  Valentina Capo, Elena Draghici,  Kerry Dobbs, Luigi D. Notarangelo, Anna Villa, Andrea Ditadi

Deciphering the heterogeneity of differentiating hPSC-derived corneal limbal stem cells through single-cell RNA-sequencing

 Meri Vattulainen,  Jos G.A. Smits,  Dulce Lima Cunha,  Tanja Ilmarinen,  Heli Skottman,  Huiqing Zhou

Expansion of human hematopoietic stem cells by inhibiting translation

Chenchen Li, Hanna Shin, Dheeraj Bhavanasi, Mai Liu, Xiang Yu, Scott A. Peslak, Xiaolei Liu,  Juan R. Alvarez-Dominguez, Gerd A. Blobel, Brian D. Gregory,  Jian Huang,  Peter S. Klein

Engraftment and injury repair in regionally conditioned rat lung in vivo by lung progenitors derived from human pluripotent stem cells

Hsiao-Yun Liu, Camilla Predella, Ya-Wen Chen, Jing Wang, Mikael Pezet, Songjingyi Liang, Silvia Farè, John W. Murray, Anjali Saqi, Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic,  Hans-Willem Snoeck, N. Valerio Dorrello

Artificial environment impact: O2 concentration changes between IVM and IVF alter embryo production, metabolism, and epigenetic marks

Jessica B Cruz, Carolina M Nogueira, Juliano R Sangalli, Ricardo P Nociti, Dewison R Ambrizi, Alessandra Bridi, Jorge Pinzon, Maira BR Alves, Vera FMH de Lima, Yeda F Watanabe, Fabiana F Bressan, Flavio V Meirelles, Rafael V Sampaio

Safety Assessment of Intravenous Injection of Rat Embryonic Proteome Extract for in-vivo Regenerative Therapies

 Siva Rama Prasad Darsi, Siva Kumar Kandula, Kala Kumar Bharani, Anil Kumar Pasupalati, Satyanarayana Swamy Cheekatla, Sujesh Kumar Darsi, Adi Reddy Kamireddy, Ram Reddy Barra, Ashok Kumar Devarasetti, Sreedhar Surampudi, Jaya Ram Raddy Singireddy

| Plant development

Regulation of adaptive growth decisions via phosphorylation of the TRAPPII complex in Arabidopsis

 Christian Wiese,  Miriam Abele, Benjamin Al, Melina Altmann, Alexander Steiner,  Nils Kalbfuss,  Alexander Strohmayr,  Raksha Ravikumar,  Chan Ho Park,  Barbara Brunschweiger, Chen Meng, Eva Facher, David W. Ehrhardt,  Pascal Falter-Braun, Zhi-Yong Wang, Christina Ludwig,  Farhah F. Assaad

Replacement of Arabidopsis H2A.Z with human H2A.Z orthologs reveals extensive functional conservation and limited importance of the N-terminal tail sequence for Arabidopsis development

Paja Sijacic, Dylan H. Holder, Courtney G. Willett, Maryam Foroozani, Roger B. Deal

Robust organ size in Arabidopsis is primarily governed by cell growth rather than cell division patterns

 Isabella Burda,  Chun-Biu Li,  Frances K Clark,  Adrienne HK Roeder

Sucrose or starch? The influence of tonoplast sucrose transporter perturbation on carbon partitioning for growth, defense, and winter protection in coppiced poplar

 Trevor T Tuma, Batbayar Nyamdari,  Chen Hsieh, Yen-Ho Chen,  Scott A Harding,  Chung-Jui Tsai

Does stomatal patterning in amphistomatous leaves minimize the CO2 diffusion path length within leaves?

 Jacob Lewis Watts, Graham J Dow, Thomas N Buckley, Chris D Muir

An Arabidopsis leaf expression atlas across diurnal and developmental scales

 Gina Vong,  Kayla McCarthy, Will Claydon,  Seth J. Davis,  Ethan J Redmond,  Daphne Ezer

UDP-glucosyltransferase 71C4 regulates seed development by redistributing phenylpropanoid metabolism in cotton

Yiwen Cao, Zegang Han, Lu He, Chujun Huang,  Jinwen Chen, Fan Dai, Lisha Xuan, Sunyi Yan, Zhanfeng Si,  Yan Hu, Tianzhen Zhang

HY5 regulates GLK transcription factors to orchestrate photomorphogenesis in Arabidopsis thaliana

Ting Zhang, Rui Zhang, Xi-Yu Zeng, Sanghwa Lee, Lu-Huan Ye, Shi-Long Tian,  Yi-Jing Zhang,  Wolfgang Busch,  Wen-Bin Zhou,  Xin-Guang Zhu,  Peng Wang

Identification of a putative rhamnogalacturonan-II CMP-β-Kdo transferase through a callus-based gene editing method which overcomes embryo lethality

Yuan Zhang, Deepak Sharma, Yan Liang, Nick Downs, Fleur Dolman, Kristen Thorne, Jose Henrique Pereira, Paul Adams, Henrik V. Scheller, Malcolm O’Neill, Breeanna Urbanowicz,  Jenny C. Mortimer

Physcomitrium patens SMXL homologs are PpMAX2-dependent negative regulators of growth

 Ambre Guillory,  Mauricio Lopez-Obando, Khalissa Bouchenine, Louis Lambret,  Philippe Le Bris, Alain Lécureuil, Jean-Paul Pillot,  Vincent Steinmetz,  François-Didier Boyer,  Catherine Rameau,  Alexandre de Saint Germain,  Sandrine Bonhomme

Robust organ size in Arabidopsis is primarily governed by cell growth rather than cell division patterns

 Isabella Burda,  Chun-Biu Li,  Frances K. Clark,  Adrienne H. K. Roeder

From Burda et al. This image is made available under a CC-BY 4.0 International license.

Alternative splicing variants of Arabidopsis G protein β subunit AGB1 function in plant development and endoplasmic reticulum stress response

 Yueh Cho

Nuclear GSH import precedes coordinated cell cycle changes during regeneration

 Laura Rose Lee, Bruno Guillotin, Chanel Hutchison, Bénédicte Desvoyes, Crisanto Gutierrez, Kenneth David Birnbaum

| Evo-devo

The brittle star genome illuminates the genetic basis of animal appendage regeneration

 Elise Parey,  Olga Ortega-Martinez,  Jérôme Delroisse,  Laura Piovani,  Anna Czarkwiani, David Dylus, Srishti Arya, Samuel Dupont, Michael Thorndyke, Tomas Larsson,  Kerstin Johannesson,  Katherine M Buckley,  Pedro Martinez,  Paola Oliveri,  Ferdinand Marlétaz

Individual differences in developmental trajectory leave a male polyphenic signature in bulb mite populations

 Jacques A. Deere,  Isabel M. Smallegange

A mathematical framework for evo-devo dynamics

 Mauricio González-Forero

The development of the adult nervous system in the annelid Owenia fusiformis

 Allan M. Carrillo-Baltodano,  Rory Donnellan, Elizabeth A. Williams, Gáspar Jékely,  José M. Martín-Durán

From Carrillo-Baltodano et al., This image is made available under a CC-BY 4.0 International license.

Long-term cold selection leads to increased thermal plasticity of male body size and thermal canalization of fecundity in Drosophila melanogaster

Rishav Roy, Aradhya Chattopadhyay, Sreebes Deb Sharma, Aharna Mondal, Payel Biswas, Shampa M. Ghosh

Heterotopic reduction of forelimb progenitors underpins development of the vestigial emu wing; implications for vertebrate limb evolution

 Axel H Newton, Sarah M Williams, Belinda Phipson,  Andrew J Pask,  Andrew T Major,  Craig A Smith

Analysis of a shark reveals ancient, Wnt dependent, habenular asymmetries in jawed vertebrates

Maxence Lanoizelet, Léo Michel, Ronan Lagadec, Hélène Mayeur, Lucile Guichard, Valentin Logeux, Dany Séverac, Kyle Martin, Christophe Klopp,  Sylvain Marcellini, Hector Castillo, Nicolas Pollet, Eva Candal, Mélanie Debiais-Thibaud, Catherine Boisvert, Bernard Billoud,  Michael Schubert,  Patrick Blader, Sylvie Mazan

The conserved genetic program of male germ cells uncovers ancient regulators of human spermatogenesis

Rion Brattig Correia, Joana M. Almeida, Margot J. Wyrwoll, Irene Julca, Daniel Sobral, Chandra Shekhar Misra, Sara Di Persio, Leonardo G. Guilgur, Hans-Christian Schuppe, Neide Silva, Pedro Prudêncio, Ana Nóvoa, Ana S. Leocádio, Joana Bom, Sandra Laurentino, Moisés Mallo, Sabine Kliesch, Marek Mutwil,  Luis M. Rocha,  Frank Tüttelmann,  Jörg D. Becker,  Paulo Navarro-Costa

Tgfbr1 controls developmental plasticity between the hindlimb and external genitalia by remodeling their regulatory landscape

 Anastasiia Lozovska, Artemis G. Korovesi, André Dias, Alexandre Lopes, Donald A. Fowler,  Gabriel G. Martins, Ana Nóvoa,  Moisés Mallo

Homologies and evolution of male tail characters in rhabditid and diplogastrid nematodes

 Karin Kiontke,  Simone Kolysh, Rocio Ng,  David H. A. Fitch

A model for the gradual evolution of dioecy and heterogametic sex determination

 Thomas Lesaffre,  John R Pannell,  Charles Mullon

Fluctuating temperatures exacerbate the effects of nutritional stress during development in Drosophila melanogaster

 Brooke Zanco,  Juliano Morimoto,  Fiona Cockerell,  Christen Mirth,  Carla M. Sgrò

Plasticity-led and mutation-led evolutions are discrete modes of the same developmental gene regulatory network

 Eden Tian Hwa Ng,  Akira R. Kinjo

Expanded Expression of Pro-Neurogenic Factor SoxB1 during Larval Development of gastropod Lymnaea stagnalis Suggests Preadaptation to Prolonged Neurogenesis in Mollusca

 Anastasia I. Kurtova, Alexander D. Finoshin, Margarita S. Aparina, Guzel R. Gazizova, Olga S. Kozlova, Svetlana N. Voronova, Elena I. Shagimardanova,  Evgeny G. Ivashkin,  Elena E. Voronezhskaya

Cell Biology

The conserved wobble uridine tRNA thiolase Ctu1 is required to sustain development and differentiation

 Zhaoli Zhou, YZW Yu, CQ Wang, Yan Wang, Heng Shi

Coupled Biomechanical and Ionic Excitability in Developing Neural Cell Networks

Sylvester J Gates III, Phillip H Alvarez,  Kate M O’Neill, Kan Cao, Wolfgang Losert

Combinatorial selective ER-phagy remodels the ER during neurogenesis

Melissa J., Cristina Capitanio, Ian R. Smith, Julia C. Paoli, Anna Bieber, Yizhi Jiang, Joao A. Paulo, Miguel A. Gonzalez-Lozano, Wolfgang Baumeister,  Florian Wilfling, Brenda A. Schulman, J. Wade Harper

From Hoyer et al. This image is made available under a CC-BY 4.0 International license.

Change in RhoGAP and RhoGEF availability drives transitions in cortical patterning and excitability in Drosophila

Jonathan A Jackson, Marlis Denk-Lobnig, Katherine A Kitzinger, Adam C Martin

Multi-Step Cellular Control of Molecular Condensation by Microtubules in Early Oogenesis

Rachael Deis, Swastik Kar, Adam Ahmad, Yoel Bogoch, Avichai Dominitz, Gal Shvaizer, Esti Sasson, Avishag Mytlis,  Ayal Ben-Zvi,  Yaniv M. Elkouby

Knockout of cyclin dependent kinases 8 and 19 leads to depletion of cyclin C and suppresses spermatogenesis and male fertility in mice

 Alexandra V. Bruter,  Ekaterina A. Varlamova,  Nina I. Stavskaya,  Zoia G. Antysheva,  Vasily N. Manskikh,  Anna V. Tvorogova,  D. S. Korshunova,  Alvina I. Khamidullina,  Marina V. Utkina,  Viktor P. Bogdanov,  Alyona I. Nikiforova,  Eugene A. Albert,  Denis O. Maksimov, Jing Li,  Mengqian Chen,  Alexander A. Shtil,  Igor B. Roninson,  Vladislav A. Mogila,  Yulia Y. Silaeva,  Victor V. Tatarskiy

Sperm induction of somatic cell-cell fusion as a novel functional test

 Nicolas G. Brukman,  Clari Valansi,  Benjamin Podbilewicz

Differential behavior of pericytes and adipose stromal cells in vasculogenesis and angiogenesis

 Julian Gonzalez-Rubio, Hiltrud Königs-Werner, Christian G. Cornelissen,  Anja Lena Thiebes

AXDND1 is required to balance spermatogonial commitment and for sperm tail formation in mice and humans

 Brendan J Houston, Joseph Nguyen, D. Jo Merriner, Anne E O’Connor, Alexandra M Lopes, Liina Nagirnaja, Corinna Friedrich, Sabine Kliesch,  Frank Tuettelmann, Kenneth I Aston,  Don Conrad, Robin M Hobbs,  Jessica EM Dunleavy,  Moira K O’Bryan

FBXO24 ensures male fertility by preventing abnormal accumulation of membraneless granules in sperm flagella

 Yuki Kaneda,  Haruhiko Miyata, Zoulan Xu,  Keisuke Shimada, Maki Kamoshita, Tatsuya Nakagawa, Chihiro Emori,  Masahito Ikawa

A nuclear architecture screen in Drosophila identifies Stonewall as a link between chromatin position at the nuclear periphery and germline stem cell fate

Ankita Chavan, Randi Isenhart, Son C. Nguyen, Noor Kotb, Jailynn Harke, Anna Sintsova, Gulay Ulukaya, Federico Uliana, Caroline Ashiono, Ulrike Kutay, Gianluca Pegoraro, Prashanth Rangan, Eric F. Joyce, Madhav Jagannathan

From Kaneda et al. This image is made available under a CC-BY 4.0 International license.

Male germ cell-associated kinase (MAK) is required for axoneme formation during ciliogenesis in zebrafish photoreceptors

 Hung-Ju Chiang,  Yuko Nishiwaki,  Wei-Chieh Chiang,  Ichiro Masai

The CD36 scavenger receptor Bez regulates lipid redistribution from fat body to oocytes in Drosophila

Pilar Carrera, Johanna Odenthal, Katharina S. Risse, Yerin Jung,  Lars Kuerschner,  Margret H. Bülow

Cohesin composition and dosage independently affect early development in zebrafish

 A. A. Labudina, M. Meier, G. Gimenez, D. Tatarakis, S. Ketharnathan, B. Mackie, T. F. Schilling, J. Antony,  J. A. Horsfield

Muscle cofilin alters neuromuscular junction postsynaptic development to strengthen functional neurotransmission

 Briana Christophers,  Shannon N. Leahy,  David B. Soffar,  Victoria E. von Saucken,  Kendal Broadie,  Mary K. Baylies

In the murine and bovine maternal mammary gland signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 is activated in clusters of epithelial cells around the day of birth

Laura J. A. Hardwick, Benjamin P. Davies, Sara Pensa, Maedee Burge-Rogers, Claire Davies, André Figueiredo Baptista, Robert Knott, Ian McCrone,  Eleonora Po, Benjamin W. Strugnell, Katie Waine,  Paul Wood,  Walid T. Khaled, Huw D. Summers, Paul Rees,  John W. Wills,  Katherine Hughes

ADNP Modulates SINE B2-Derived CTCF-Binding Sites during Blastocyst Formation in Mouse

 Wen Wang, Rui Gao, Dongxu Yang, Mingli Ma, Ruge Zang, Xiangxiu Wang, Chuan Chen, Jiayu Chen, Xiaochen Kou, Yanhong Zhao, Xuelian Liu, Hong Wang, Yawei Gao,  Yong Zhang,  Shaorong Gao

Cell-cell adhesion drives patterning in stratified epithelia

 Yosuke Mai, Yasuaki Kobayashi, Hiroyuki Kitahata, Takashi Seo, Takuma Nohara, Sota Itamoto, Shoko Mai, Junichi Kumamoto, Masaharu Nagayama, Wataru Nishie, Hideyuki Ujiie,  Ken Natsuga

Phosphoproteomics identifies targets of Mos-MAPK regulating translation and spindle organization in oocyte meiosis

Ivan Avilov, Yehor Horokhovskyi, Mingfang Cai, Aleksander Orzechowski, Luisa Welp, Henning Urlaub, Juliane Liepe,  Peter Lenart


Using developmental dynamics for evolutionary prediction and control

 Lisandro Milocco,  Tobias Uller

Geometric Effects Position Renal Vesicles During Kidney Development

 Malte Mederacke,  Lisa Conrad,  Nikolaos Doumpas,  Roman Vetter,  Dagmar Iber

Plasticity-led and mutation-led evolutions are discrete modes of the same developmental gene regulatory network

 Eden Tian Hwa Ng,  Akira R. Kinjo

Modelling variability and heterogeneity of EMT scenarios highlights nuclear positioning and protrusions as main drivers of extrusion

Steffen Plunder, Cathy Danesin, Bruno Glise, Marina A. Ferreira, Sara Merino Aceituno,  Eric Theveneau

Tools & Resources

New tools reveal PCP-dependent polarized mechanics in the cortex and cytoplasm of single cells during convergent extension

 Shinuo Weng,  Caitlin C Devitt, Bill M. Nyaoga, Anna E. Havnen, Jose Alvarado,  John B Wallingford

Digitalized organoids: integrated pipeline for 3D high-speed analysis of organoid structures using multilevel segmentation and cellular topology

 Hui Ting Ong, Esra Karatas,  Gianluca Grenci, Florian Dilasser, Saburnisha Binte Mohamad Raffi, Damien Blanc, Titouan Etienne Poquillon, Elise Drimaracci, Dimitri Mikec, Cora Thiel, Oliver Ullrich, Victor Racine,  Anne Beghin

The Arabidopsis Information Resource in 2024

Leonore Reiser, Erica Bakker, Sabarinath Subramaniam, Xingguo Chen, Swapnil Sawant, Kartik Khosa, Trilok Prithvi, Tanya Z Berardini


Gaudeline Rémillard Labrosse, Sydney Cohen, Éliane Boucher, Kéryanne Gagnon, Filip Vasilev, Aleksandar I Mihajlović, Greg FitzHarris

Comprehensive mapping of sensory and sympathetic innervation of the developing kidney

Pierre-Emmanuel Y. N’Guetta, Sarah R. McLarnon, Adrien Tassou, Matan Geron, Grégory Scherrer, Lori L. O’Brien

From Pierre-Emmanuel et al. This image is made available under a CC-BY-NC 4.0 International license.

An integrated transcriptomic cell atlas of human endoderm-derived organoids

Quan Xu, Lennard Halle, Soroor Hediyeh-zadeh, Merel Kuijs, Umut Kilik, Qianhui Yu, Tristan Frum, Lukas Adam, Shrey Parikh, Manuel Gander, Raphael Kfuri-Rubens, Dominik Klein, Zhisong He, Jonas Simon Fleck, Koen Oost, Maurice Kahnwald, Silvia Barbiero, Olga Mitrofanova, Grzegorz Maciag, Kim B. Jensen, Matthias Lutolf, Prisca Liberali, Joep Beumer, Jason R. Spence,  Barbara Treutlein,  Fabian J. Theis,  J. Gray Camp

Quantitative cell morphology in C. elegans embryos reveals regulations of cell volume asymmetry

 Guoye Guan,  Zelin Li, Yiming Ma,  Jianfeng Cao,  Ming-Kin Wong, Lu-Yan Chan,  Hong Yan,  Chao Tang,  Zhongying Zhao

A mechanical atlas for Ascidian gastrulation

 Siqi Liu,  Patrick Lemaire,  Edwin Munro, Madhav Mani

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