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PhD in nerve/tumor interactions and nervous system development

Posted by , on 18 June 2018

Closing Date: 15 March 2021

Applications are invited from highly motivated individuals dedicated to peruse a PhD and who are interested in nerve/tumour interactions and nervous system development. 



During tumour progression nerves and tumours interact resulting in tumour cells using nerves as a metastatic route out of the organ, through a process called perineural invasion (PNI). While this is robustly documented at a histological level, the molecular mechanisms underling this, remain poorly understood. You will join an interdisciplinary collaborative team focusing on the signalling between nerves and tumours, leading to provocation of nerve plasticity (such as growth and remodelling) and tumour metastasis via nerves. You will engage a systematic strategy to identify these mechanisms by (i) examining how nerves form/grow/remodel and migrate normally during embryo development and (ii) pathologically in tumour models with an initial focus on pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC). The formal PhD qualification you will obtain is a PhD in medical science with a focus on cell biology.



The laboratory is located at IMB, Umeå University, Sweden. IMB is an interdisciplinary department, which focuses on questions in basic and medical sciences and provides an interactive modern environment with good core facilities within the wider university. The working ‘day to day’ language in the laboratory is English. The position is for 4 years and is fully funded.



Apply at the following online system by 24thAugust 2018 (reference code AN 2.2.1-1186-18):

Further application information, including application qualifications, requirements and merits can be found at that webpage.



Informal enquiries may be directed to Dr. S. I. Wilson (

Laboratory webpage:


We look forward to your application!

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