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#PostDocAppreciationWeek 2021

Posted by , on 24 September 2021

Thanks to everyone who responded to our call for shout out to, and stories about, the fabulous postdocs in your life.  It was wondering to hear from students thanking their mentors, fellow postdocs appreciating the support and friendship of their colleagues and PIs praising their postdocs.

A few highlights from these posts were:

  • Steve Royle coining the term ‘postdoctacular’, which should hopefully gain traction in the science community
  • Andrew Bowman appreciating that his postdoc, Alonso, brings huge bottles of wine from Spain
  • Miguel Branco and Ondine Cleaver bringing our attention to all the different roles a postdoc has to fill
  • New PIs Maxim Greenberg and Gautam Dey recognising and appreciating the leap of faith a postdoc takes going to a new group (especially in the midst of a pandemic!)

We have included all the tweets we received below. They make this blog really long, but we love the sentiment behind them all, and wanted to give them a permanent place on the Node.

Of course, all these warm fuzzies are great, but interestingly our very first response was from Nishit Srivastava, raising the important subjects of contracts, living conditions and recognition for postdocs. A reminder that, as a community, to really show our appreciation to postdocs we must strive to support them all year around.

#PostdocAppreciationWeek tweets on the Node

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