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Postdoctoral position in cardiovascular development lab

Posted by , on 13 January 2018

Closing Date: 15 March 2021

The composition of extracellular microenvironment is dynamically regulated in time and space during embryonic development. Our lab discovered that cell-type specific expression of the extracellular matrix (ECM) protein fibronectin is essential for mammalian embryogenesis and cardiovascular morphogenesis. Furthermore, we found that fibronectin regulates distinct morphogenetic processes in a cell type-specific manner, and functions both in cell-autonomous and non-cell autonomous manner. We are searching for a motivated postdoctoral researcher to uncover differences in the mechanisms by which cell-autonomous and non-cell autonomous fibronectin regulates cell fate decisions. The successful applicant will apply state-of-the art confocal and super-resolution microscopy techniques, utilize mouse genetics, CRISPR, and global profiling of gene expression and signaling pathways to uncover the mechanisms, by which extracellular microenvironment guides morphogenetic programs. Our lab is located in the heart of Philadelphia, USA. For further information about our lab and publications, please visit our lab’s website:
To apply, please send a letter of interest detailing your expertise, CV and names and contact information of three references to

As an employer, Jefferson maintains a commitment to provide equal access to employment.  Jefferson values diversity and encourages applications from women, members of minority groups, LGBTQ individuals, disabled individuals, and veterans.

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