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Postdoctoral position in mammalian developmental stem cell biology

Posted by , on 1 February 2021

Closing Date: 3 April 2021

The Sozen laboratory is looking for talented postdoctoral associates with a background in mammalian developmental stem cell biology to join our team. We conduct research in early mouse/human embryogenesis with the goal of understanding the mechanisms that underlie developmental programming in human health and disease.


Our laboratory in the Department of Genetics, Yale School of Medicine, is a part of a highly collaborative, translational developmental biology program that includes stem cell biology, reproductive biology, genetics and computational biology.


The candidate will lead a project to participate in our larger efforts to unravel how the developmental environment impacts on physiologic, metabolic, transcriptomic and epigenomic landscapes during embryo implantation and gastrulation, the time when the maternal-fetal interface is established. The project will integrate cutting-edge technologies such as the in vitro reconstitution of development in 3D with stem cells (Harrison et al. Science 2017, Sozen et al. Nature Cell Bio. 2018, Sozen et al. Dev. Cell 2019), advanced imaging techniques and transcriptomic profiling to map developmental trajectories and cellular function during tissue patterning under environmental challenges.

The postdoctoral candidate will have the opportunity to work in collaboration with a team of world-leading researchers, clinicians, and bioinformaticians, and there will be opportunities to develop additional independent projects with clinical collaborators at Yale University.


In addition to high-quality research facilities, career and professional development training for postdoctoral researchers is provided. Additional information on being a postdoc at Yale University School of Medicine can be found at


Qualified candidates should have a PhD in Developmental Biology, Stem Cell Biology, Reproductive Biology, Bioengineering or a relevant field. The candidate must have hands-on experience with mammalian embryo culture and/or mammalian stem cell culture. Expertise in 3D cell culture techniques and gene editing methods (e.g. Crispr-Cas9, to engineer stem cell lines with multiple fluorescent reporters) are highly desirable. Experience in transcriptomic profiling techniques (e.g. single-cell RNA-seq) and bioinformatics analyses are desirable but not essential. Please respond with a cover letter that includes a short description of relevant expertise, a CV with publication list, and the names of two references by email to:

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