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2 thoughts on “Recombine to get better”

  1. As one of the 6 patients in this study, just want to correct something. We are not dying from bacterial infections. As far as skin disorders go, ours is on the mild side and we are fully integrated socially (i.e. getting married, having kids etc.) I would hate for a parent with an affected child to read a statement like that.

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment! It’s great to get this from a patient in the study. I’m very sorry if my post has upset you.

      I just dug out my original printout of the paper, which in the introduction states that the disease frequently leads to early death, and this is what I had cited in my post. The reason I looked for my original copy is that this statement is not anymore in the current online version! Do you know why it has been removed? It would be nice to clarify this.

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