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Registration open EMBO Workshop “The Evolution of Animal Genomes” – Sevilla, Spain 18-21 Sept 2023

Posted by , on 23 May 2023

We are happy to announce the 2nd edition of the EMBO workshop “The Evolution of Animal Genomes”.

The event will take place in Seville (Spain), from 18-21 September 2023 (Registration and abstract deadline: 12th July 2023)

Genome evolution represents the basis of species adaptation to changing environments and habitats. Recent breakthroughs in sequencing technologies resulted in the acquisition of complete genome information for an increasing number of animal species, propelling the field of evolutionary genomics into a new era of discovery. Yet, our limited capacity to interpret genome variation hinders our understanding on how phenotypical changes drive adaptation. This urges the development of novel strategies to reconcile genomic sequence and function, for which a proper integration of cell-specific gene programs, non-coding regulation and 3D chromatin organization becomes essential. Further, establishing causal relationships between genome mutations and phenotypes still remains a major challenge in the field. Within this context, novel synthetic biology approaches are emerging as a means to understand developmental processes in the context of evolution. The aim of this EMBO workshop is to bring together international scientists with distinct, but complementary expertises on interpreting genome variation, on mechanisms of gene regulation and on in vivo synthetic biology approaches. This allows a comprehensive overview that goes from fundamental principles encoded in genomes to their ultimate biological significance on the formation of living, evolving organisms.

An exciting line-up of speakers (keynote lectures by Edith Heard, Mike Levine and Neil Shubin) will cover the following topics:

– Genomics of ecological adaptation
– Evolution of cell types
– Mechanisms of regulatory variation
– 3D genome organization and structure
– Synthetic biology approaches to model evolution

There will be short talks selected from abstracts, as well as ample time for networking.

Fee waiver, travel and childcare grants available.

Registration and more information:

Hope to see many of you there!!


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