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One thought on “Remembering Lewis Wolpert”

  1. One of my highest, then lowest, moments as a graduate student at the University of Washington happened because of, then in front of, Lewis Wolpert. He was visiting the department to give a seminar, and joined the students for lunch. We decided to go to a lunch place that also happened to be a microbrewery; they were huge at the time. I got to talk with him the entire 20 minute walk. He listened and asked questions and was genuinely interested. I was flying! Then we reached the restaurant. In my excitement to be listen to him over lunch, I had forgotten to bring my wallet. It was utterly mortifying when I got turned away at the door because I couldn’t prove I was old enough to drink. Wolpert being Wolpert, he laughed about it with me every time I saw him thereafter. I will miss sharing that laugh.

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