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2 thoughts on “Researchers grow ‘seed’ of spinal cord tissue in a dish”

  1. Nice findings.

    A general comments about this way of reporting:

    I am not a fan of such ‘promoting’ articles on the Node, writen by press offices. If the Node wants to be a community, articles about new findings or about new publications should be written by the researchers themselves and not by more distant press officers. I mean, the ‘researchers’ in the titles (Wilson, Briscoe) we all know, right?
    We are the incrowd people; we are not the general society that wants to see the possible applications for fundamental science. No press stories anymore, please

    1. Thank you for your comment Charles. I understand your concerns regarding the presence of press releases on the Node. As you say, the Node is a community blog, so ideally we would want most of the posts about research to be written by the authors of the work. However, spontaneous posts about research are not frequent. We often contact researchers whose papers we think may be of interest to the community, but often the authors don’t have the time to post on the Node. You are right that press releases are written by non-scientists, but they are prepared in close collaboration with the researchers behind the work. As such, we think that the occasional press release is a good way to highlight recent research that would otherwise not feature on the Node.

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