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Young Embryologist Network Conference 2024

Posted by , on 29 February 2024

Registration is now open for the Young Embryologist Network conference on 28th May 2024.

Genetics Unzipped: 2023 Unzipped!

Posted by , on 21 December 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, we’re bringing you a smorgasbord of previously unaired clips from some of our favourite interviews this year.

Genetics Unzipped: S6.13: Kings, car parks and consent: should we sequence DNA from human remains?

Posted by , on 29 June 2023

We’re venturing into ancient territory and archaeological digs, excavating the complex ethics of extracting and sequencing DNA from human remains. We chat to Prof. Turi King about her role uncovering ...

Made the Same Way: Where's the line, where's the limit?

Posted by , on 2 June 2023

The seventh episode of Made the Same Way, a podcast produced by the Wellcome-funded Human Developmental Biology Initiative, features sociologist and writer Marieke Bigg discussing the ethics of research with ...

Genetics Unzipped: Chris Hemsworth took a genetic test for Alzheimer's. Should you?

Posted by , on 6 April 2023

We’re discussing Chris Hemsworth’s recent Alzheimer's risk findings and the pros and cons of direct-to-consumer DNA testing with genetic counsellor and host of the podcast DNA Today, Kira Dineen.

Genetics Unzipped: GMO or GM NO? The ethics and realities of genome editing

Posted by , on 9 March 2023

We're exploring the ethics and regulations of genome editing. What is allowed? What shouldn't be? And who should get to decide? Plus we explore a new exhibit on the topic ...

Development presents... From Stem Cells to Human Development - videos

Posted by , on 19 October 2022

On Monday 12 September, we livestreamed a session from our meeting ‘From Stem Cells to Human Development’, as part of our Development presents… webinar series. Below you can find the ...

CRISPR babies: a view from the centre of the storm

Posted by , on 8 February 2019

This article by Robin Lovell-Badge, published this week in Development, gives a front-row view of the CRISPR babies scandal from last year. When the story broke, we collated reactions from ...

The reported birth of CRISPR-edited humans: reactions from the field

Posted by , on 29 November 2018

One scientific story has dominated the news this week: the first report of CRISPR-edited human babies being born. In an associated Node post, we’ve collected the most useful links we ...

The reported birth of CRISPR-edited humans: useful links

Posted by , on 29 November 2018

One scientific story has dominated the news this week: the first report of CRISPR-edited human babies being born. The story’s scientific and ethical aspects stirred up heated debate, as did ...

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