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Made the Same Way: Where’s the line, where’s the limit?

Posted by , on 2 June 2023

The seventh episode of Made the Same Way, a podcast produced by the Wellcome-funded Human Developmental Biology Initiative, features sociologist and writer Marieke Bigg discussing the ethics of research with early human embryos with Mancunian poet and rapper Meduulla. The pair discuss the legacy of Anne McLaren and muse on future implications of this area of research.

At the end of the episode, the pair collaborate on an original piece of music inspired by their conversation.

“What things can we consider to be right and wrong, and who makes that decision?”

– Meduulla

About the participants

Marieke Bigg writes about bodies and culture. She holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Cambridge, where she studied the technological transformation of human reproduction, with a focus on Dr Anne McLaren’s role in the human embryo research debates. She now writes both non-fiction and fiction about the cultural dimensions of biology and bodies. In addition to her books, Marieke writes freelance, hosts podcasts and panels, and collaborates with scientists and biologists to discuss and produce art that conjures new social worlds.

Check out some of Marieke’s writing here:

Current Fiction: WAITING FOR TED (Dead Ink Books, Oct 2022)

Upcoming Non-Fiction: THIS WON’T HURT (Hodder, Feb 2023)

Hailing from North Manchester, Meduulla is a 23 year old Zimbabwean-born Rapper, Poet and DJ paving her way through the UK rap scene. Meduulla marries her modern flows and witty lyrics with jazz inspired hip hop instrumentals to create music that reflects the present day whilst carrying a nostalgic air.

Despite having been a writer for 10 years, she only released her first single in 2021 which then led to her appearance on BBC’s The Rap Game UK as a finalist.  Her independently released single, Mish Muulla was selected as Track of the Week on BBC 1Xtra Radio, resulting in Meduulla performing at Reading and Leeds Festival in 2022. The wordsmith is a 2023 Sound and Music Seed Award recipient and her poetry won first prize in TogetherintheUK’s migrant writers competition. Her passion for using her lyricism as a force of positive change continues to be recognised by various cultural organisations.

In 2023, Meduulla will release her debut project entitled Oblongata.

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