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The 1st European BioImage Analysis Symposium, Oct. 7 – 12, 2013 @ Barcelona

Posted by , on 30 August 2013


Image analysis is powerful and essential in modern biology. However, many people working on image analysis might be struggling with following problems:

  • Which tool is appropriate to address my question?
  • Who should I ask my very specific question about image analysis?
  • I want to increase my skills, but I do not know how.
  • I became an image analysis specialist. Is there a community for me?

To deal with these problems, we decided to organize a quite unique type of meeting in Barcelona to strengthen the network among those involved in bioimage analysis and to provide direct solutions:

1. Open Community Meeting (Oct. 7 – 8, 2013): Top-developers, leading analysts and biologists sit together to share current status of each to exchange information and share the problem for a more effective, direct and efficient solutions. Anyone could join to acquire solid information on the front-line of bioimage analysis and to share your views.

2. The open community meeting is followed by a course targeting microscopy facility staffs  (Oct. 9 – 12, 2013) to propagate the knowledge and techniques of image analysts to the scientific community (For a course targeting biologists, we are applying for an EMBO practical course in 2014, the second round after the BIAS2013).

3. In parallel with the course, we startup to build a public webtool that is expected to evolve into a practical solution for building image analysis pipeline. The participants will discuss freely over various tools, manually annotate and added tags to all available image analysis tools. For this symposium participation to this activity will be invitation-based since it is still in an early phase of its development but annotations/taggings will be open to public in near future. We call this precursory trial as “Taggathon (Oct. 9 – 11, 2013).

Please visit the website below for more details and for your registration:

This event was conceptualized at the last European Light Microscopy Initiative meeting 2013 in Arcachon, is mainly sponsored by EuroBioImaging ( and OME, is open to further sponsor contributions and participation from the private sector.

EuBIAS2013 is hosted by IRB Barcelona and is organized by many people from the University of Dundee, EMBL (Heidelberg), IRB Barcelona, CRG (Barcelona), EPFL(Lausanne), ETH (Zuerich), DZNE (Bonn), Institut Curie (Paris).

If BioImage Analysis is key to your research, do not miss this unique event to commit yourself in boosting the accessibility to BioImage Analysis tools and strengthening the community. If you know anyone who might be interested in this meeting, please let them know and pass this information.


  • Kota Miura, EMBL Heidelberg
  • Julien Colombelli, IRB Barcelona
  • Sébastien Tosi, IRB Barcelona
  • Jason Swedlow, Univ. of Dundee


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