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One thought on “The 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry: CRISPR/Cas technology”

  1. I feel lucky to have started my PhD in 2013, so I could experience the time when CRISPR was still a ‘brand new cool technique’ . There was even an internal CRISPR seminar series at our institute so researchers trying CRISPR in different organisms could share experiences, discuss and exchange protocols, and I remember people being excited how efficiently it worked – often on their first try!
    I later generated our lab’s first mutant zebrafish strains, but before that already the control experiments for CRISPR in zebrafish were really fun – injecting embryos with Cas9 and gRNAs against the tyrosinase gene and getting larvae without pigments (this was also a good assay to later see how injecting Cas9 protein is so much more efficient than injecting the mRNA)

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