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The Company of Biologists YouTube channel

Posted by , on 8 August 2013

COB2cAs you may know, the Node is run by the Company of Biologists, a UK-based charity and non-for-profit publisher funded in 1925. The Company of Biologists publishes 5 scientific journals: the well established Development, Journal of Cell Science (JCS) and The Journal of Experimental Biology, and the two open access journals Disease Models & Mechanisms (DMM) and Biology Open (BiO).

One of the main aims of the The Company is to promote research and study across all branches of Biology, and it does this by providing grants for scientific meetings, workshops and conferences. The Company also provides fellowships for students and postdocs to visit other laboratories and attend conferences and runs a series of trans-disciplinary workshops. The Node has featured many posts and reports from these activities.
This week, the Company of Biologists has launched its latest initiative- a company youtube channel. In this youtube channel you can find a variety of interesting movies:


– Movies on the history and activities of the Company:


– Interesting supplementary movies and animations featured in papers published by the journals of the company. Here is an example of a beautiful movie in the Development playlist:


The Node will obviously not be left out, and we have plans for some great content- so keep an eye out for Node movies on The Company of Biologists youtube channel!

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