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2 thoughts on “The embryonic cell lineage of C. elegans, revisited and revisualized”

  1. Nice, but one color and no information about gene or protein expression. I encourage you (authors and readers) to check out my poster

    on how to multiplex fluorescence reporters for live cells – or live embryos – imaging. Reporters can be simple enhancer-promoter-fluorescent proteins (or even better, tandem fusions, Venus6 being 6x brighter than Venus), or fluorescent biosensors such as developed by Wolf Frommer’s lab and spin-outs such as loren Looger (HHMI Janelia Farm), comprehensively reviewed by Newman et al 2011 Chem Review 111: 3614-3666(PubMed 21456512).

    even without multiplexing, my poster points out that for imaging it is better to concentrate the fluorescence into as small a volume as possible. That is, better to be localized in one small spot (one or very few pixels or voxels) than freely diffusing throughout a large volume where autofluorescence and instrument noise will mar signal to noise ratio.


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