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This month on the Node- October 2015

Posted by , on 1 November 2015


– Can we make embryos in silico? Miquel posted about his recent paper in Bioinformatics, and the modeling framework he implemented in the new tool EmbryoMaker.

What does YAP do? Muriel explained the role of this Hippo effector in the Xenopus retina.

Histones, regeneration and crickets were all present in Hideyo Ohuchi’s post.

How are positions between protrusions in bones maintained? Tomer Stern told us about bones and scaling on his post.

Artificial intellegence in the lab. Mike Levin posted about using machine learning to generate models for planarian regeneration.



Viewing less to see more. Hiroki Ueda wrote about tissue clearing and better visualisation.

Techniques for the live-cell analysis of plant embryogenesis were summarised by Daisuke Kurihara.



– Making the most of graduate school. Tomer and Itamer told us about how they organised a Graduate Peer Group and what they learnt from it.

– Don Gibson posted about his push to have Barbara McClintock as the woman on the $10 bill.

Mock Up of a Barbara McClintock $10 Bill


Meeting reports: 

“Ich hab mein Herz in Heidelber verloren”. Jerome Korzelius posted about the European Drosophila Research Conference.

– Ana Ribeiro attended the joint meeting of the Spanish, Portuguese and British Societies for Developmental Biology and posted about her experience.


Also on the Node:

DEV3453– An interview with Mike Levine featured on the Node this month.

– A new intern joined the Node! Say hi to Helena.

A unique opportunity for early career scientists interested in cardiovascular regeneration is available.





Happy reading!

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