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Travel Grants: Epigenetics, Obesity & Metabolism conference

Posted by , on 13 August 2015

Funds, especially for travel have been tightly squeezed in recent times and here at Abcam we know of how difficult it is for scientists, especially those starting out in their careers to attend conferences. Abcam is committed to bringing scientists together to share information, strengthen relationship and forge new collaborations.

With this ethos, we’re very pleased to offer travel grants to people wishing to attend the Epigenetics, Obesity & Metabolism conference on 11-14 October 2015 at the Wellcome Genome Campus Conference Centre in Hinxton, Cambridge, UK.

This meeting will brings together key scientists from around the world to discuss:

– Epigenetics, metabolism and the links with circadian rhythms
– Early developmental origins of metabolic disorders
– Epigenetic linkages between nutrition and longevity
– Transgenerational consequences of metabolic dysfunction
– Mechanisms of signalling to the epigenome and inheritance

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Each grant is valued up to £300 (GBP) each and are available to students and young postdocs (who have received their PhD within the last 4 years). Grants can be used to help cover travel and accommodation expenses associated with the conference.

Application deadline: 1 September 2015

More information including how to apply can be found at

We hope you see you there!

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