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Vote for your favourite Development cover, 2016

Posted by , on 19 December 2016

*Winner announced!*

With over 200 votes counted, the cover of Development’s Special Issue on Plant Development has won the voter’s favourite cover for 2016! The fruit bat came second, and in joint third the fly nervous system and the fly legs. A fitting variety of model organisms for a great year in developmental biology!



In our in-house competition, the fly nervous system won the Development team’s vote (showing we’re not too far from public opinion!) , but sadly lost out to these beautiful blood cells from our sister journal in the Company of Biologists, The Journal of Cell Science.





The cover images for the 24 issues of Development in 2016 showcase the breadth and beauty of developmental biology today. Model systems from plants to bats were imaged in various modalities – confocal and electron microscopy, microCT, good old fashioned skeletal preps and darkfield – and we also featured some in silico modelling.

Which one is your favourite? You can vote below the gallery (click to expand), and tell us why in the comments section.



Poll closes Thursday, 22nd December, 13.00 GMT!



Links to the papers:

143-1 Mouse lung

143-2 Chick enteric neural crest

143-3 Arabidopsis ovules

143-4 Mouse and human kidneys

143-5 Fruit bat

143-6 Zebrafish epiboly

143-7 Mouse MRI

143-8 Bamboo shark embryo

143-9 Fly nervous system

143-10 Zebrafish atrium

143-11 Chick retina

143-12 Rendered zebrafish heart

143-13 Fly retina

143-14 Mouse heart

143-15 Mouse tongue

143-16 Retinal vasculature

143-17 Squid hatchlings

143-18 Arabidopsis root

143-19 Fly legs

143-20 Zebrafish assemblage

143-21 Neuron chromosomes

143-22 Sea star gastrula

143-23 Mouse heads

143-24 Ciona embryos




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