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Woods Hole Images round 3- the winner

Posted by , on 27 June 2013

Another set of beautiful images, and another great winner! The winner of this year’s 3rd round of the Woods Hole Embryology Course is the pig embryo!

2013Round3_B_largeThis great picture was taken by Marina Venero Galanternik (University of Utah), Rodrigo G. Arzate-Mejía (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico), Jennifer McKey (Universite Montpellier) and William Munoz (The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center). It shows a colour inverted image of a skeleton preparation of a pig (Sus scrofa domesticus) embryo.

The runners-up to this competition were the Drosophila embryos by Davon Callander (Oregon State University); a fluorescently stained annelid by Eduardo Zattara (University of Maryland, College Park); and a grafted Xenopus by Elsie Place (MRC National Institute of Medical Research).

This beautiful pig embryo will feature in the cover of Development in a coming issue. As for the cover competition, there is still one round of beautiful pictures to come this year!

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