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YEN 2016 – register now!

Posted by , on 4 May 2016

Young Embryologists’ Network 2016

As a neglectful member of this parish over the last few months/years (insert standard academic administration/teaching workload complaints here), I have the great pleasure to come out of my slumber to drum up interest in one of the best things about being (a developmental biologist) in London:

If you have been lots before, you have probably forgotten when it is (I had): this month (27th). If you have never been before, you should come because it is interesting, friendly, and all the lovely things a good conference should be. If you are a PhD student looking for a nice place to give your first talk, YEN is absolutely brilliant. A medium sized, very supportive, and very friendly audience. If you are a desperate postdoc looking to engage in much needed shameless self-promotion, it is good for that too, but you’ll need to get a move on: the abstract deadline is 5TH MAY.

See you there for science and beer (probably in that order).

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