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YEN Seminar Next Week – March 24

Posted by , on 17 March 2011

We are delighted to announce the first double-seminar session hosted by the Young Embryologist Network ( on March 24th from 4pm – 6pm (& refreshments afterwards) in the A.V. Hill Lecture Theatre, Medical Sciences Building, UCL. The theme of this session is visualising biological processes and there will be 2 speakers:

– Dr Florencia Cavodeassi (Steve Wilson Group, Dept of Cell and Developmental Biology, UCL).
Title TBC.

– Professor Scott Fraser (Anna L. Rosen Professor of Biology & Engineering and Applied Science, Beckman Institute, Caltech, USA).

Title: “New tools for imaging the motions and fates of embryonic cells.”

This session is run by PhD and PostDocs in the Network (CDB, UCL, NIMR, ICH, KCL) but is open to everyone. Through these seminars and our annual meeting we hope to open lines of communication and create a diverse, interactive research community for PhD students, Post-Doc and PI embryologists. So please come along and become part of the Network.

AV. Hill Lecture Theatre can be reached via the Anatomy Building on Gower Street or through the Medical Sciences building ( ).
The Anatomy building route is the following: Enter through the main entrance on Gower Street and walk up the central staircase to the first floor, enter through the door marked “Physiology” and along the corridor. AV. Hill is to your right at the end of the corridor through 2 sets of double doors.


We look forwards to seeing you there!
Sorrel Bickley
YEM2011 Organising Committee

Young Embryologist Network (Do you know about our annual meeting YEM2011 on May 6th? Check out our website)

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