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This month on the Node- January 2015

Posted by , on 2 February 2015

Our jobs page has been busy this month, with several new postdoc positions advertised. Here are some of the other highlights:   Research: – Christoph and his colleagues wrote about ...

A day in the life of a maize lab

Posted by , on 1 February 2015

Maize has a rich history as a model organism for genetics; Rollins Emerson began describing mutants in the 1930’s. Large chromosomes, amenable to cytology, aided Barbara McClintock in her critical ...

Post-Doctoral Positions in Evolutionary Developmental Biology

Posted by , on 23 January 2015

Fully funded post-doctoral positions are available to investigate molecular, genetic and cell biological mechanisms of development in the sea anemone Nematostella vectensis in the Gibson lab at the Stowers Institute for ...

Postdoctoral Position for Evolutionary Neurobiologist at the EMBL/CRG Systems Biology Unit

Posted by , on 23 January 2015

Our laboratory, at the EMBL/CRG Systems Biology Unit in Barcelona, is looking for an excellent and highly motivated postdoc to study the functions and evolutionary impact of neural-specific alternative splicing ...

Stem showing in 3D

Posted by , on 22 January 2015

    Growing organs in vitro is one of the ultimate dreams of any stem cell biologist. As such, it seems obvious that some of these organs will need to ...

Reaching out – the many faces of science outreach

Posted by , on 20 January 2015

This Spotlight was first published in Development.   The days of the solitary scientist toiling away within the isolation of the academic ivory tower are something of the past. This is not only true ...

In Development this week (Vol. 142, Issue 3)

Posted by , on 20 January 2015

Here are the highlights from the new issue of Development:   Invadosomes: aiding axonal invasion Invasive cells such as immune and metastatic cancer cells form protrusions known as invadosomes, which ...

Help the Node by completing our survey!

Posted by , on 19 January 2015

The Node was launched almost 5 years ago, and it is now time to revise its design and functionalities. We have created a short survey that will help us gather ...

A day in the life of a Honeybee lab

Posted by , on 19 January 2015

Welcome to the Lab for Evolution and Development. The lab is situated in the deep south of New Zealand in the quaint Scottish inspired little city of Dunedin. 1/5 of ...

Applications for the 122nd Embryology Course at the MBL in Woods Whole, MA are due February 2nd.

Posted by , on 16 January 2015

We invite you to apply for admission to the longest-running course in the history of Embryology. An intensive six-week laboratory and lecture course for advanced graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and ...

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