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EPFL Life Sciences Independent Research (ELISIR) scholar, Lausanne, Switzerland

Posted by , on 16 February 2021

The ELISIR program provides a stellar fresh PhD graduate the possibility to head a small team of scientists without going through a traditional post-doc, much in the spirit of analogous ...

PhD Position in Computational Developmental Biology

Posted by , on 15 February 2021

  Within the context of the DFG research unit “Morphodynamics of Plants” (FOR2581) a Ph.D. position is available in the lab of Prof. Kay Schneitz, Dept. of Plant Developmental Biology, ...

A new society for regenerative biologists

Posted by , on 15 February 2021

This Editorial by Kenneth Poss and Elly Tanaka was recently published in Development The regenerative biologist Richard Goss wrote a half century ago: ‘If there were no regeneration, there would ...

The people behind the papers – Milica Bulajić, Divyanshi Srivastava, Esteban Mazzoni and Shaun Mahony

Posted by , on 12 February 2021

This interview, the 90th in our series, was published in Development last year.  Hox genes instruct positional identity along the anterior-posterior axis of the animal body. A new paper in Development addresses ...

SciArt profiles: Priyanka Oberoi

Posted by , on 12 February 2021

In our fourth SciArt Profile we meet Priyanka Oberoi, an illustrator, artist and photographer whose work often features scientific themes.

16 PhD Positions in Muenster (Germany): Imaging Cellular Processes and Disease

Posted by , on 12 February 2021

The joint CiM-IMPRS graduate program of the International Max Planck Research School – Molecular Biomedicine and Muenster’s Cells in Motion Interfaculty Centre offers positions to pursue PhD projects in the ...

Short term Research Assistant

Posted by , on 12 February 2021

Dear Fly people, We, Jose Casal and Peter Lawrence, have an opportunity to hire a suitably qualified research assistant to help us for 6 months starting anytime from March Ist. ...

How to shape a Developmental Biologist?

Posted by , on 11 February 2021

A report from the students of the 2020 MBL Practical Course in Developmental Biology in Quintay, Chile

Genetics Unzipped podcast: A dominant character - The life of JBS Haldane

Posted by , on 11 February 2021

We take a look at the life of JBS Haldane, whose work, writing and dominant personality made him one of the most interesting characters of 20th century genetics.

Development presents… February webinar videos

Posted by , on 11 February 2021

Yesterday we held the fifth webinar in our series, this time chaired three members of the preLights team – Sundar Naganathan, Irepan Salvador-Martinez and Grace Lim – in celebration of ...

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