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Sponsorship for Career Development Fellowships at the University of Oxford

Posted by , on 31 August 2021

Are you an early career researcher interested in the cell or molecular mechanisms underlying disease? Do you have an outstanding record and an innovative research plan? The Sir William Dunn ...

Genetics Unzipped podcast: Back to the beginning - Exploring the origins of life

Posted by , on 26 August 2021

We’re taking a trip back in a virtual time machine, soaking in the primordial soup to discover the origins of life.

Organizing with Ontologies

Posted by , on 23 August 2021

We built an anatomy ontology. You should too – here’s why. We have an information scale problem. I’m hardly the first to note the exponentiality and rapidity of information growth, ...

The Human Cell Atlas (HCA) Developmental and Pediatric Cell Atlas Meeting

Posted by , on 19 August 2021

The Human Cell Atlas (HCA) Developmental and Pediatric Cell Atlas meeting will be held August 25-27, 2021 online. Free registration up to and during the meeting is available at ...

A fantastic Workshop on Inflammaging and Regeneration

Posted by , on 13 August 2021

Ludovic Gaut Postdoctoral fellow, Centre de Recherche en myologie, France This Workshop was really on point for me, as it fitted very well with my research interests about intercellular communication ...

Genetics Unzipped podcast: Direwolves and Denisovans - Unearthing stories in ancient DNA.

Posted by , on 12 August 2021

We wind the clock back thousands of years to discover the stories of Denisovans and direwolves that researchers are now able to read in DNA left in bones or even ...

July in Preprints

Posted by , on 6 August 2021

Welcome to our gallop through the preprints in developmental biology (and related subjects) published in July.

New Community Manager for the Node

Posted by , on 2 August 2021

Hi All,  My name is Helen Zenner and I am delighted to introduce myself as the new community manager of the Node. I started my scientific life as a cell ...

The people behind the papers – Adrian Danescu, Lisanne Rens and Joy Richman

Posted by , on 2 August 2021

This interview, the 98th in our series, was published in Development earlier this year.  During vertebrate face development, bilateral streams of neural crest cells migrate from the neural tube to give rise ...

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