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Developing news

Posted by , on 28 June 2022

Read on for our news roundup of the past two weeks, with an emphasis on what has caught our eyes on twitter.

Conference news

With summer hitting the northern hemisphere, conference season is in full swing with a mixture of hybrid and in-person offerings. In the past couple of weeks #ISSCR2022, #IZFC2022 and #ICAR2022 have taken place, as well as numerous smaller focussed meetings. The famous embryology course is taking place at Woods Hole #Embryo22 and the newer #OceanDevBio course has just finished (check back on the Node for some course reports!). Still to come next month is the massive #2022SDB #EvoDevo2022 meeting in Vancouver.

Often people come back from meetings excited about the science they have heard and the people they have met, but networking can be difficult especially if you are new to ‘conferencing’ or branching out into a new field. The tweets and article below recognise that this can be difficult, whilst offering some top tips!

Conferencing and Covid

Dream or reality?

Making your dreams come true!

When nightmares aren’t as bad as you thought!

Wishful thinking?

And if nightmares do come true…?

preLights in #devbio

How many ways to make a worm gut? Extensive rewiring of the gene network underlying gut development in Caenorhabditis

Sex-biased gene expression in early embryogenesis: could there be sex-specific developmental differences before sexual differentiation has begun?

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