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Development Special Issue: Imaging development, stem cells and regeneration

Posted by , on 3 November 2020

Development invites you to submit your latest research to our upcoming special issue: Imaging development, stem cells and regeneration.

Imaging-based approaches have long played a role in the field of developmental biology. However, recent technical advances now provide us with the ability to visualise cell and developmental processes at extraordinary resolution and in real-time. From progress in light sheet and super-resolution microscopy, to the development of tissue-clearing techniques and sophisticated image analysis platforms, we are now able to capture and quantitatively analyse the beauty and dynamics of development across different scales – from individual molecules and cells, to complete tissues and embryos. This Special Issue aims to showcase articles that, at their core, have applied such advanced techniques in innovative ways to further our understanding of developmental and regenerative processes. We also encourage the submission of articles that report the development or application of a novel imaging-based technique.

Prospective authors are welcome to send pre-submission enquiries to We also invite proposals for Review articles: if you are interested in contributing a Review, please send a summary of your proposed article to us by 15 December 2020.

The Special Issue will be published in mid-2021 (although note that, in our new continuous publication model, we will aim to publish your article as soon as it is accepted*). The issue will be widely promoted online and at key global conferences, guaranteeing maximum exposure for your work.

For information about article types and manuscript preparation, please refer to our author guidelines. To submit your article, visit our online submission system; please highlight in your cover letter that the submission is to be considered for this Special Issue.

The deadline for submitting articles is 30 March 2021.

Why choose Development? 

  • Submissions handled by expert Academic Editors
  • Competitive decision speeds and rapid publication
  • Format-free submission
  • Strong commitment at first decision – over 95% of invited revisions accepted
  • Free to publish – no page or colour charges, no hidden fees
  • Easy one-click transfer option to Biology Open
  • Not-for-profit publisher

* Please note that not all articles accepted for publication will be included in the Special Issue; they may instead be published in earlier or later issues of the journal based on timing and editorial discretion.

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