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Development Special Issue: The Origins and Mechanisms of Developmental Disorders

Posted by , on 3 October 2019

Development invites you to submit your latest research for our upcoming special issue: The Origins and Mechanisms of Developmental Disorders. This issue will be coordinated by two guest editors: Sally Dunwoodie and John Wallingford.

Developmental disorders are among the most lethal diseases of childhood, and this recent decade has witnessed significant advances in our understanding of their genetic and environmental basis. Studies in model systems, alongside clinical research and human genetics, have been foundational to this effort but major challenges remain. Congenital disorders are characterised by a high incidence of sporadic cases, a low recurrence risk, and variable penetrance and expressivity of identified genetic mutations even within families, indicating that gene-gene and gene-environment interactions are likely to be important. In model systems, the impact of various teratogens and environmental factors on embryogenesis demonstrate both the robustness and the fragility of specific developmental processes. In mammals, placental function and the pathophysiology of the mother are also disruptors of embryogenesis.

Development has a long history of publishing leading research in these areas and, for this special issue, we welcome submissions encompassing congenital disorders, teratogenic and environmental impacts on development, and links between development and paediatric tumours.

The issue will be published in mid-2020 (although note that, in our new ‘continuous publication‘ model, we will be able to publish your article as soon as it is accepted; you will not have to wait for the rest of the issue to be ready) and the deadline for submission of articles is 31 January 2020*. This special issue will be widely promoted online and at key global conferences – guaranteeing maximum exposure for your work. Please refer to our author guidelines for information on preparing your manuscript for Development, and submit via our online submission system. Please highlight in your cover letter that the submission is to be considered for this special issue. Prospective authors are welcome to send presubmission enquiries, or direct any queries, to

We also welcome proposals for Review articles; if you’re interested in contributing a Review, please send a brief synopsis of your proposed article to by 31 October 2019.

* Please note that not all articles accepted for publication will be included in the special issue; they may instead be published in earlier or later issues of the journal.

Why choose Development? 

  • Submissions handled by expert academic Editors
  • Competitive decision speeds and rapid publication
  • Format-free submission
  • Strong commitment at first decision – over 95% of invited revisions accepted
  • Free to publish – no page or colour charges, no hidden fees
  • Easy one-click transfer option to Biology Open
  • Not-for-profit publisher


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