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(Developmental) Biology around the internet- October 2014

Posted by , on 15 October 2014

Here is October’s round-up of some of the interesting content that we spotted around the internet:


News & Research:

– Bananas, Jesus on toast and polar bear disguises- some of the 2014 IgNobel Prizes! And since then the real Nobel Prizes have also been announced, with two prizes for Biology. The prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to the discovery of the positioning system of the brain, and the Prize in Chemistry to the developers of super-resolution microscopy.

– ‘Sometimes, the brightest stars in science decide to leave’- on life outside the lab, in Nature News & Comment.

– A patient is for the first time implanted with iPS cells, in Japan- here and here.

– Nature launched a new website devoted to science software, apps and online tools.

– ‘The man who grew eyes’- a feature article on Yoshiki Sasai’s research in Mosaic.

– A movie based on the Woo Suk Hwang cloning scandal has been a success in the Korean box office.

– Can you explain your research using an infographic? The Society of Biology is running a competition! The deadline is the 5th of November.

– And you can vote for who you think should be the Stem Cell Person of the Year 2014 until the 22nd of October!


Weird & Wonderful:

Crocket is an unusual way to determine authorship order in a paper!

– Ever wanted to 3D print a frog dissection model? One of the several models available at the NIH 3D print Exchange website!

– Explaining how science works… using cookies!

Cute DNA plush toys… with magnets for hydrogen bonds!

– And follow the ups and downs of life in the lab with the Lego Academics twitter account!



Beautiful & Interesting images:

– Chromosome sweets

– The winners of the FASEB BioArt image competition have been announced

– Beautiful chicken embryo



Videos worth watching:

– A great animation video on the New York Times illustrates the discoveries of van Leeuwenhoek and the beauty of the microbial world.

– See the winners of the Stem Cell Video contest launched by the Knoepfler lab blog

– And we spotted this great video on chick development:



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