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Posted by , on 26 November 2012

Notice something different on the Node today?

We now have a bar at the top to feature particular posts. It will be updated by Node admins, who select posts to appear here. (N.B. If you see text but not in neat little boxes, your browser still remembers the old design. Refresh page and/or clear cache and it should work.)

This change was inspired by feedback we gathered last year in our user survey. We discovered that the Node has a lot of readers who visit regularly but infrequently. That means that a lot of posts are no longer on the front page when they visit, and these infrequent readers may miss interesting things.

We started doing monthly highlights posts to summarize what was new on the Node each preceding month, but those get bumped down as well. The ideal solution was to have something in place in the site design, and now we finally have that. We hope you like it!

Another design change is the background – or rather, the lack thereof. We’ve moved from a dark background to a banner image only. The banner images still rotate, just like the old backgrounds.

Finally, there’s one change we told you about before. We now have author pages! If you click the author name on a post, you can see their profile, which includes a bio, a link to their personal or lab website (if they have one) and a list of all their posts on the Node.

Here’s Erin Campbell’s profile page, for example:

To set your bio and website, please follow the instructions here.

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