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One thought on “Forgotten classics- T. H. Morgan and planarian regeneration”

  1. Don’t take it bad, but I do not understand the current reverence, starting at the turn of this century, to T.H. Morgan work on planarian regeneration. The cult began with the irruption of some very succesful american groups in the field. The main outcome was that no paper was published without paying due reverence/reference to Morgan’s 1898 paper or 1901 book. I’m afraid that most of those referencing him never read it and those who read it did not became wiser or imagined new experiments after reading it. By the same token, people could read Bronsted book on ‘Planarian Regeneration’ (1969) or the, to me much better and more ‘à la page’, paper by Marcel Abeloos ‘Recherches expérimentales sur la croissance et la régénération chez les planaires’ published in the Bulletin Biologique de la France et la Belgique in 1930 (T. LXIV, Fascicule 1; pages 1-140). Pity it is written in french, though those able to read it will find it more exciting, more complete, more quantitative, and much more deeper than Morgan’s work. Were I asked to choose between reading Morgan’s 1998 paper or Abeloos’ 1930 one, I will at once plunge into the second. This is my tip.


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