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One thought on “‘From Stem Cells to Human Development’ – A Company of Biologists’ Workshop”

  1. The meeting was excellent. I must admit that I attended with a will and an interest to learn. After all, how could one do human development? The answer turned out to be in the title of workshop: through stem cells to development. The engine: the surprising self organizing activity of embryonic stem cells. We are still at the beginning of an interesting and untrodden road. Much of what stem cells do remain deeply buried in their genetic programmes and their self organizing potential and much of what we can do is to steer this potential with alchemic precision. There is a tinge of engineering here but, unlike mechanic, civil or chemical, in this engineering the system rules and runs the scientists, using a blueprint that, for the time being remains hidden in the cellars of the cells. Interesting and exciting times as accessing that blueprint will reveal new principles and mechanisms acting in development.

    The organizers got nit absolutely right: an important message from the meeting is that embryonic stem cells have an important role to play in developmental biology, particularly in human developmental biology.


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