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How to stay in contact with the French Community of Developmental Biologists?

Posted by , on 1 February 2011

I remember when I was a post doc abroad. Science was great, life in a foreign country was very nice, but there was one huge drawback for a French in exile: how to stay in contact with research in France (or any country…), especially when you are a newcomer in the developmental biology field?

One answer is to be a (active) member of the society for developmental biology of your country. In France, the SFBD exists for many years now (see Margaret Buckingham’s interview on the Node…).  We diffuse to our members, informations concerning the community of the French developmental biologists (see our website and our monthly newsletter in french and in english). We also organize an annual meeting (september this year, in Nice with the BSDB). This meeting is a great opportunity for post docs or post doc candidates wishing to reach the community of developmental biologists in France. Another good reason to be a SFBD member is that there is a discount registration fee for members…

It is time to register to the SFBD or to renew your SFBD membership (sorry, we are still working on the online payment…).

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