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PhD student and postdoc positions in the Tavosanis lab at DZNE, Bonn, Germany

Posted by , on 14 July 2020

Closing Date: 15 March 2021

One PhD student and one postdoc position will be available in the @GTavosanis lab starting from September 2020.

The two planned projects will focus on:

  • The cellular mechanisms that support the differentiation of neuronal dendrites (see Stuerner et al., Development 2019). This project will combine the generation of molecular tools for acute manipulation of protein activity with high-resolution in vivo microscopy. We will closely cooperate with neuronal morphology modelling groups.
  • The circuit mechanisms that support the consolidation of memories in the adult fly brain. Combining detailed anatomical insight and refined genetic tools to manipulate identified neurons, you will investigate how experience and learning modify a circuit’s output. This project is embedded within the frame of the DFG-funded Research Unit FOR 2705 that includes highly interactive groups with complementary expertise ( ).

All infos and application:

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