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Postdoctoral scientist position in Genome Editing in Xenopus at the Marine Biological Laboratory

Posted by , on 25 February 2015

Closing Date: 15 March 2021

A Postdoctoral Scientist position is available in the Horb Laboratory of the Eugene Bell Center for Regenerative Biology & Tissue Engineering at the Marine Biological Laboratory ( The position will focus on the creation of Xenopus models of human disease through the generation of mutants using CRISPR/Cas and TALENs and to work on developing and establishing genome editing in Xenopus.

The postdoc will be focused on creating specific mutants, mainly in X. tropicalis but also in X. laevis, for the Xenopus research community in the US and abroad. In addition, the postdoc will coordinate the efforts of a team of 3-4 personnel to generate 100-200 mutants over 5 years for the research community. The individual will be required to interact with Xenopus researchers on a regular basis in designing and creating these mutants. The individual will also work on knock-in strategies in Xenopus using CRISPR/Cas. The Horb lab is scientifically integrated with the National Xenopus Resource (NXR) at the MBL and the postdoc will be expected to interact with NXR staff on a regular basis.

In addition, the postdoc is expected to work with scientists who visit the NXR throughout the year, since many of them come here to do genome editing. The NXR supports the community by providing transgenic and mutant frogs as well as hosting workshops, providing custom transgenic and mutant services, and hosting scientists through their research hotel service (

Interested candidates should apply through the MBL employment URL:

For more information regarding the position contact Marko Horb at

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