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Posted by , on 16 July 2015

At last week’s SDB Meeting in Utah, I attended the ‘Imaging Workshop’, which was designed to give attendees an overview of some of the imaging-based resources available to the community, and then to facilitate a free discussion among participants about the challenges – and their potential solutions – in the developmental biology imaging field. Several interesting topics were discussed and you should be hearing more about these in upcoming posts. But one thing that was clear was that many members of the community are unaware of some of the valuable online resources available to them, and it was noted that it would be useful to have a one-stop-shop where all these sites are listed.

So here’s where we can help! You may or may not have noticed that the new Node website has a Resources tab in the menu bar. At the moment, this provides you with a list of databases (mainly focussed around genetics resources for specific model organisms), as well as a separate list of developmental biology and other relevant societies. As a community site, the Node is the perfect place to host a comprehensive list of databases and resources, but I know we’re hardly scratching the surface at the moment – certainly most of the resources discussed at the Workshop aren’t currently on our list! We would therefore like to start adding to this list but we need your input on what should be included. What are your go-to sites when you’ve got a new gene and you want to start figuring out what it might do? Where do you look when you need to find out about new techniques or ways of analysing your data? What are the useful software packages you’ve found for statistics or image analysis?

Get in touch via the comments box below, via our feedback form or on social media with your suggestions for adding to our Resources list: if you can give us a brief description of the resource in question, this will help us to curate the list and to build this into something that will be a truly valuable community asset – the place to go when you don’t know where to go to find out what you want!


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