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Making and breaking the left-right axis in Cancun

Posted by , on 28 June 2013

Just before the ISDB meeting in Mexico, over a hundred researchers gathered for a satellite symposium on the development of left-right asymmetry. Although the external body plans of vertebrates (and ...

Day 5 at the ISDB- Goodbye Cancun, hello Singapore!

Posted by , on 22 June 2013

The last day of the ISDB saw also the last plenary session. One of the highlights of this session was also a talk by Patricia Delgado. Patricia works on the ...

Day 4 at the ISDB- many prizes

Posted by , on 20 June 2013

Today was the day when the excellent work of many developmental biologists was recognized by the community. The first prize to be awarded was the brand new Latin American Society ...

Day 3 at the ISDB- a day of rest

Posted by , on 19 June 2013

Day 3 of the ISDB was really only half a day, with the only free afternoon/evening in the intense meeting program. The first part of the morning featured two parallel ...

Day 2 at the ISDB- Not so much sun, but some great science

Posted by , on 18 June 2013

Let’s be honest- the first talk of the morning session in a conference is always badly attended, right? Well, not at the ISDB! In a clever move by the organisers, ...

Day 1 at the ISDB- Sun, science and origami

Posted by , on 17 June 2013

Due to lack of internet at the ISDB conference venue, it is not possible for the Node to tweet live from the conference. Instead we will try to post regular ...

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