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2 thoughts on “Day 3 at the ISDB- a day of rest”

  1. Dear author,

    I think it would be greatly appreciated by many of the Node readers if you provide scientific summaries of the talks instead of the who’s who of the ISDB and other urbane activities.

    Thanks !

    1. Thank you very much for your feedback Ezra. I am sorry that you found that the posts from the ISDB did not contain enough scientific content. Blogging from conference talks is normally restricted to published material (and hence already available), unless express permission is obtained from the speakers to mention unpublished material. This could, of course, have been obtained, but would have delayed the placing of the posts online. As there was no internet at the conference venue, it was not possible to tweet from the conference, and hence provide the readers of the Node with timely updates from the conference as it happened. I therefore sacrificed some of the scientific content of the talks for the benefit of speed and to try to convey the flavour of the meeting. I will of course take your feedback in consideration, and will try to incorporate more of the content of the talks in future posts. I hope this addresses your concerns!

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