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The Node in Numbers

Posted by , on 31 January 2023

Thanks to everyone who interacted with the Node in 2022, it been another fantastic year for the site. We have a few new initiatives that we’ll be announcing soon, but first let us look back on 2022!

What are you looking at…

  • >400,000 total page views
  • 18,483 views of our jobs board
  • 4,992 view of our event calendar

What’s being posted…

  • 226 blog posts, including 7 SciArt profiles, 7 Featured resources, 12 behind the paper stories and 12 preprint lists
  • 260 job adverts
  • 163 events listings

Most popular posts from 2022

  1. Everyone loves a bit of controversy, so it probably won’t come as a surprised that our most read post in 2022 was Peter Lawrence’s open letter to Claudio Stern. And Alfonso Martinez Arias’ response was our most liked comment!
  2. At number two on our list was the livestream from our Development meeting ‘From Stem Cells to Human Development. Setting this up was a little nerve wracking and it was fantastic to see so many people tuning in live and viewing the recording, which featured talks from Sarah Teichmann and Sergiu Pasca and a panel discussion on ‘Technical, ethical and legal challenges of studying early human development’.
  3. The third most read post started on a whim, with Alex Eve converting his popular #wordcountchop tweetorial into a blog post. If you have written a tweetorial on a topic relevant to developmental and stem cell biologists and want to give it a more permanent home, do considering sharing it as a blog post on the Node
  4. Voting for your favourite Development cover comes in as our 4th most read post. Everyone loves a competition, and we had a worthy winner with the Issue 21, the mouse lung lobe from Prashant Chandrasekaran, Nicholas Negretti, Aravind Sivakumar, Jennifer Sucre, David Frank and colleagues. Keep your eyes out for our next competition, which is coming soon!
  5. Joachim Goedhart’s Protocols for data visualization came in at number five. In this post, Joachim shared an update on his book, which brings aims to lower the barrier for using R and the ggplot2 package for data visualization. Joachim’s post on Data Visualization with Flying Colours, published in 2019, was again our most read post with a massive 49,405 views!

We would love to hear feedback and suggestions on how we can make the Node better in 2023. You can contact us using our contact form and at We are always happy to discuss ideas, comment on drafts, or help with website gremlins. Finally, remember the Node is your site and, once registered, you can post freely.

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