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This month on the Node: April

Posted by , on 30 April 2013

Again, things have been busy on the Node this month and, as well as the usual flurry of job adverts, we’ve had some great research- and meeting-based posts.

Below are just some of the highlights. Remember – it’s easy to post on the Node, so feel free to get in touch (or simply post away!) if you have any developmental biology-related news, events or discussions that you’d like to share with the community.


SC_5_largeStem Cells Image Competition

The results of the competition were finally announced. Thanks to all of you who’ve submitted images and/or voted. Congratulations again to Lulu Xing of the University of Melbourne. Lulu’s  winning image (“The Garden of Memory”) will be appearing on a cover of Development in the coming weeks.


Research highlights

Slide1– We had our first “Journal Club on the Node” post – thanks to the University of Chicago Development, Regeneration and Stem Cell Journal Club for sharing their discussion with us. We look forward to seeing many more of these journal clubs – from U. Chicago and any other journals clubs that are interested – on the Node in the future.

– Patricia Gongal highlighted a recent Nature paper that used a clever approach to visualize retinoic acid gradients.

– Rachael Inglis highlighted a recent report of the discovery of some fossilised dinosaur embryos.


Journal/publishing news

– Our new Editor, Benoit Bruneau, explained why he’s so excited to be joining the journal.

DMM_logo_100– One of Development’s sister journals, Disease Models and Mechanisms (DMM)announced the appointment of a new team of academic editors.

SpotOn, Nature Publishing Group’s online forum for science policy, outreach and tools, featured the Node as a case study for using social media in science.


News from meetings and conferences

head1absdbcb– Continuing with the reports from the BSDB/BSCB Joint Spring Meeting, Andrei Luchici summarised Day 1 at the meeting. 

– Steff Knappe also painted an overview of some of the topics covered at the BSDB/BSCB meeting. You can also see the earlier report from Steff on the Careers Workshop.

– Robert Blassberg reported back from his recent trip to Japan during which time he attended the joint UK-Japan workshop on Neural Epigenetics, held at the British Embassy in Tokyo.

– If you’re interested in attending a hands-on dev biol course, read more about the upcoming International Course on Developmental Biology.


 Happy reading!


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