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This month on the Node – January 2012

Posted by , on 31 January 2012

This round-up also includes a few posts from the end of December that didn’t make it into December’s post due to holiday scheduling.

Developmental Biology Bingo Game
We made a bingo game! You all left many suggestions for words to include in a developmental biology bingo game, and BenchFly turned that into a playable game. Visit their site to download bingo cards for everyone in your lab.

The SDB has set up a collaborative resource for teaching materials to use in developmental biology courses, and they are looking for submissions. Do you have great visuals that can be used in undergraduate teaching? Let Marsha Lucas know. She left more information in her post earlier this week.


Just before Christmas, Hillel Kugler, of Microsoft Research, wrote about a project he worked on with Jane Albert Hubbard’s lab at the Skirball Institute.

“In our study, published in Development, we have built a computational model of germline development in C. elegans. In this model, germ cells move, divide, respond to signals, progress through mitosis and meiosis, and differentiate according to a developmental program specified for a “cell”. This developmental program incorporates cellular decision-making that influences germ cell behavior, as defined by a subset of cell components and their dynamic interactions.”

Other research recently covered on the Node included a paper that showed that a small change in bioelectric signals is enough to induce eye development in Xenopus, and an image highlighting the importance of Notch signaling in stem cell self-renewal and intestinal homeostasis.

Write for the Node
If you’re interested in writing for the Node, all you have to do is create an account and wait for approval. But sometimes inspiration is the limiting factor. If you’d love to write, and just want some suggestions and ideas, you can fill out this form, and we’ll occasionally send you some ideas. The first email has gone out this week, but if you sign up now, you’ll get that sent as soon as possible.

Finally, we saw a few more book reviews this month. The last of the Development book reviews went up, in which Wendy Bickmore reviews “The Nucleus” (Edited by Tom Misteli and David L. Spector). We started 2012 with the first Node-exclusive book review: Sasha Terashiva reviewed “The Cell: A Very Short Introduction” (by Terence Allen and Graham Cowling).

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