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Visiting a collaborator’s lab? Apply for a travelling fellowship!

Posted by , on 19 August 2015

Are you a postdoc or student planning to visit a collaborator’s lab? Need help to offset your costs and expenses?

Then apply for a Development travelling fellowship! You can be awarded up to £2,500 (or currency equivalent), and there are no restrictions on nationality.

The next deadline for application is the 31st of August. For more information click here.


You can also find out more about the scheme, and how previous awardees have benefited from their visits, by reading their posts on the Node. Here are a few recent examples:


Finding Collaborators: from London to Stuttgart– by Rie Saba (postdoc in the UK) who visited the Schenke-Layland (Germany)

England, embryos, and axial columns: a Travelling Fellowship connecting Chicago to Cambridge– by Kate Criswell (PhD student in Chicago) who visited the Coates lab (UK)

Of mice and zebrafish– by Shauna Katz (PhD student in France) who visited the Guillemot lab (UK)

Development Travelling Fellowship: a node connecting Woods Hole with the Stowers Institute– by Alice Accorsi (PhD student in Italy) who visited the Sánchez Alvarado lab (USA)

Sweet Swiss…Zebrafish?!– by Monika Tomecka (PhD student in the UK) who visited the Mosimann lab (Switzerland).

Green eggs and serrano ham– by Mariana Delfino-Machin (lecturer in Costa Rica) who visited the Gómez-Skarmeta lab (Spain)

Learning to Inject Platynereis Embryos– by Maggie Pruitt (postdoc in the USA) who visited the Arendt lab (Germany)

Generation of Embryoid Bodies: a great tool to study vascular development– by Helena Serra (PhD student in Spain) who visited the Gerhardt lab (UK)

From a travel fellowship to starting your own lab– by Mirana Ramialison (postdoc in Australia) who visited the Furlong lab (Germany)

Rewiring the brain– by Sonia Sen (postdoc in India) who visited the Wang lab (USA)






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