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Book review: An introduction to mathematical biology

Posted by , on 15 December 2011

This book review originally appeared in Development. Lance Davidson reviews “Mathematical Models of Biological Systems” (by Hugo van den Berg). Book info: Mathematical Models of Biological Systems By Hugo van ...

Dates for your calendar

Posted by , on 9 December 2011

Dates for your calendar This is a selection of upcoming dates of interest, but it’s by no means an exhaustive list. We’ll try to do these once in a while, ...

Wellcome PhD - Lab 3: Pigs that fly

Posted by , on 8 December 2011

This is my personal report on the last of three laboratory projects which I have undertaken during the rotation year of my 4-year Wellcome Trust PhD. I studied how flies ...

Book review: A molecular view of the life and time of RNA

Posted by , on 8 December 2011

This book review originally appeared in Development. Ilan Davis reviews “Molecular Biology of RNA” (by David Elliot and Michael Ladomery). Book info: Molecular Biology of RNA By David Elliot, Michael ...

Repulsive signals: bad breath, rude manners, and ephrin ligands

Posted by , on 7 December 2011

Satellite cells are muscle stem cells that regenerate injured muscle (remember this earlier post?).  They are highly motile cells that may be able to travel in order to repair injured ...

In Development this week (Vol. 139, Issue 1)

Posted by , on 6 December 2011

Here are the highlights from the current issue of Development: Notching up pancreas development According to the lateral inhibition model, during early pancreas development, Neurog3 expression in multipotent progenitor cells ...

Let’s make a developmental biology bingo game!

Posted by , on 5 December 2011

Ever noticed how each field has its own jargon? Benchfly, a site with free video protocols and other resources for researchers, has created “Group Meeting Bingo”. The site generates bingo ...

Senescent cell rejuvenation – you(r cells) are never too old for pluripotency!

Posted by , on 3 December 2011

  In 2007, a group let by Takahashi and Yamanaka from Kyoto University successfully generated pluripotent cells from human adult fibroblasts.  They were able to induce a pluripotent state in ...

Book review: We hold these principles to be self-evident

Posted by , on 1 December 2011

This book review originally appeared in Development. Richard Harland reviews the latest edition of “Principles of Development” (by Lewis Wolpert and Cheryll Tickle). Book info: Principles of Development By Lewis ...

Development: New Executive Editor

Posted by , on 30 November 2011

I’m the new Executive Editor at Development, taking over after Jane Alfred’s eight years at the journal, and I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I’m starting here ...

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