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POSTDOC Marie-Curie call to join our lab on EvoDevoGenomics in BARCELONA

Posted by , on 18 April 2020

We are looking for a POSTDOC to join our EVODEVO-GENOMICS lab in the University of BARCELONA. Our lab studies the chordate model Oikopleura dioica to better the impact of gene ...

Irin ajo mi si Nigeria | My journey to Nigeria

Posted by , on 17 April 2020

My first impression of Nigeria remained loyal to what I would experience the following two weeks: very warm weather, very colourful attires, very warm and joyful hearts. Also, it is ...

Postdoctoral position in developmental neurosciences

Posted by , on 17 April 2020

A postdoctoral position is available for an initial period of 2 years at the “Stem Cell and Brain Research Institute” ( in the lab of Dr Olivier Raineteau. The project ...

Engaging Chinese developmental biologists with WeChat

Posted by , on 17 April 2020

Social media gets a hard time these days, and in some instances rightly so. For the scientific community however, it’s a powerful platform for informal science communication and fruitful collaborations. ...

Research Technician position investigating the mechanisms underlying cardiac development and disease

Posted by , on 16 April 2020

The Bloomekatz laboratory in the Department of Biology at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, MS is seeking a research technician to assist in our investigations of cardiac morphogenesis and ...

Writing ideas for the Node

Posted by , on 16 April 2020

The Node is a community site for developmental biologists, and is driven by content written by the community – once registered, you are free to post without requiring authorisation or ...

Kink in the road: the notochord’s role in spine formation and scoliosis

Posted by , on 14 April 2020

By Jennifer Bagwell and Michel Bagnat   Our lab investigates the role of hydrostatic pressure as a morphogenetic force using zebrafish as a model system.  This work was originally focused ...

open PhD position in Neurobiology

Posted by , on 9 April 2020

There is an open PhD position available in my lab. The project deals with the role of glial cells in post-ingestive nutrient sensing in Drosophila. Please see the advertisement for ...

Genetics Unzipped: Involving patients in genomics research

Posted by , on 9 April 2020

We find out why it’s so important to make sure that both academic and commercial genomic research studies are done with rather than on participants.

An Introduction to Writing Review Articles

Posted by , on 7 April 2020

Last week, I gave a talk (online, of course) about ‘Writing review articles’. It was aimed at graduate students who, as part of their training, had to identify a topic ...

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