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An interview with Kristina Stapornwongkul, 2021 Beddington Medal Winner

Posted by , on 23 June 2021

We talk to Kristina Stapornwongkul, 2021 Beddington Medal Winner

New feature on preLights: using preLights as a teaching aid

Posted by , on 21 June 2021

Some readers of the Node might already be familiar with preLights, another community site run by The Company of Biologists which aims to highlight new preprints from across the biological ...

The people behind the papers – Qiongxuan Lu, Yuan Gao and Bo Dong

Posted by , on 21 June 2021

This interview, the 92nd in our series, was published in Development last year.  In many animal embryos, the tail bends ventrally as it grows, but the underlying mechanisms driving this multi-tissue deformation ...

Leaders in the making: Women PhD students in STEM take initiative to define their leadership

Posted by , on 18 June 2021

Written by Shuangshuang Du, Rebecca Starble, and Lauren Gonzalez from the Yale Genetics Department. We face a historical moment in which more and more women are pursuing scientific careers, but ...

Genetics Unzipped podcast: Why me? Searching for genetic susceptibility to chronic fatigue syndrome and pain

Posted by , on 17 June 2021

We discover how researchers are using genetics to understand more about what’s going on in long-term debilitating conditions including ME/CFS and chronic pain.

So long, and thanks for all the fish (and flies, and frogs, and all the rest)

Posted by , on 17 June 2021

Today’s my last day working at the Node and Development. I started in June 2016, which really feels like a different world looking back now – at the first conference ...

New PIs in a global pandemic: a view from Hong Kong

Posted by , on 16 June 2021

Developmental biology is a global science, but Europe and the USA get a lot of the airtime, and it can be hard for those outside these regions to get support ...

Mysterious plant part reported

Posted by , on 15 June 2021

A Press Release from Development A previously unreported anatomical structure named the ‘cantil’ has been described in the popular plant model, Arabidopsis thaliana. Scientists from The Pennsylvania State University, USA, ...

Development presents... June webinar videos

Posted by , on 10 June 2021

Jessica Zuin, Nicola Festuccia and Mayra Furlan-Magaril share their latest discoveries in chromatin and epigenetics.

Tensed beginnings: how membrane tension gates early differentiation

Posted by , on 9 June 2021

Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells (ES cells) have the capacity to generate any tissue in the organism; this remarkable ability is called naïve pluripotency. Intriguingly, when ES cells start to differentiate ...

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