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Development at the ISSCR

Posted by , on 29 May 2013

Given the launch of our new “Stem Cells & Regeneration” site, as well as the release of our Special Issue, Development is particularly excited to be attending the upcoming ISSCR meeting in Boston next month. Our new reviews editor, Caroline Hendry, and I (the journal’s Executive Editor), will both be attending the meeting, as will our Editor in Chief Olivier Pourquié and several of the journal’s editorial team.

Please drop by The Company of Biologists stand in the Exhibition Hall to pick up a free copy of the Special Issue, to chat to us about Development and where we see ourselves within the stem cell field and to find out more about The Company’s other journals and charitable activities. We will also be hosting a “Meet-up” during the coffee break on the afternoon of June 13th, to discuss the links between developmental biology and stem cells, and why it’s important that the two fields remain tightly connected.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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