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Made the Same Way: This pattern of wrinkles

Posted by , on 26 May 2023

In sixth episode of HDBI’s podcast, Made the Same Way, scientist Katie Long explores the topic of human brain development with spoken word artist Harmony.

At the end of the episode, Harmony creates an original spoken word piece based on their conversation.

If we look at every single person’s brain, most of these wrinkles will be in the same place.”

-Katie Long

About the participants

Katie’s lab has been at King’s College London since 2019, and their research focuses on how the human neocortex develops with the correct size, shape and organisation. To address this they use an interdisciplinary approach using human fetal cortex tissue models to look at the cellular and mechanical mechanisms that drive the development of the human neocortex, including the formation of the folds present on the surface of the neocortex, and how dysregulation of these functions can lead to neurodevelopmental disorders. They also use our human fetal tissue culture models to investigate the effect of injury on the developing human brain.

In her spare time, Katie likes to get outdoors and she is a keen cyclist and runner.

Harmony is a spoken word artist who has been interested in the arts since she watched her first movie.

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